Saturday, June 15, 2013

Natalie Star and Embarrassing Moments

Hi everybody! I've got a fun little treat for you today! Author Natalie Star has bravely stopped by the blog here today. Why does this make her brave? Well, after the fun we had with Arlene O' Neil's most embarrassing moment a couple weeks ago I decided we needed another one! Take it away Natalie!

I was a young adult of 19 and I was working my first “real” job in a savings bank. I’d had jobs before like a temp job at an insurance agency typing up a mailing list, babysitting, and working various positions in a movie theater, but this one was very grown up compared to those. I actually had to take a train and a bus into the city for training in the bank teller position.

Being one of the youngest employees I learned a lot from the older adults I worked with. One of those things was how to have a potluck lunch. I’ve always had a love for food, and back then at a size 7 I could afford to eat. Potluck day was my favorite, we didn’t have them often but I loved seeing the sign-up sheet.

Now I have to tell you about the little old man in the parking lot before I go on. Every morning, and I mean every single morning, there he was sitting in his car waiting. I never found out what or who he was waiting for. He parked behind the bank and I passed him on my way in each day. He was the sweetest, cutest thing. He would smile and wave each time I saw him.

Well, one potluck day as I was passing him I gave him a waveless smile because my hands were full of my purse and my casserole dish filled with yumminess for potluck day. Right at that point my skirt clasp failed and fell down my waist so fast. It was a silky fabric so it dropped like a rock. I hated wearing slips so all I had on underneath was a pair of pantyhose (I hate those too, but it was required on the job). I felt the cool air rushing across my legs the second my skirt broke free.

 I froze, and panicked so badly that I didn’t know what to do. Eventually when my brain came back to focus I slowly placed my glass dish on the ground so it wouldn’t break, and then I lifted my skirt back up and prayed after I “fixed” it, that it wouldn’t fall down again before I could get inside. When I finally had myself together I looked up to the man and he was beat red and grinning. He wouldn’t look me in the eye.

With my face flushed red, because there were others in the area too, but none as close as my morning friend, I went to work. Sad thing is, after that day I never saw the man again. Maybe he was being a gentleman in going somewhere else after my embarrassing situation, but I missed seeing him as part of my morning routine.

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction in public?

Oh gosh, you poor girl! Haha! Pardom me for laughing, haha. I can't say that I have had a public wardrobe malfunction. Hmm. . .yeah I can't think of one. *knock on wood* Well, anyway, thanks for sharing that Natalie! I'm sure it's given you a lot of laughs looking back on it! 

Now for you readers, head on over and check out Natalie's work! You won't want to miss out! Make sure you take a look at Natalie's book The Keeper, on sale right now! 


   The morning of her sixteenth birthday, Billie feels blessed despite the reoccurring nightmare that wakes her. Loving parents, a caring boyfriend, and great friends surround her until an heirloom necklace throws her into a world she never imagined.
   “Gifted” with supernatural powers and an unexpected destiny as the Keeper, Billie and a mysterious boy from her past must work together to find answers. But, as they begin to discover feelings for one another, he disappears leaving her to fight evil alone. Her life spirals out of control. She breaks up with her boyfriend, Tony, and alienates her best friends Arianna and Jocelyn to protect them from the truth.
   As dark forces pursue her, Billie longs to run away from it all, yet a need to do what’s right compels her to face the future as the keeper of more than her own fortune.

Purchase sites:  To celebrate the one year anniversary of The Keeper, the price has been reduced to $2.99.

Author Bio:
When I'm not reading or writing, I can be found with my husband supporting my two children on the soccer fields. Or maybe running around with my camera taking photos while camping and/or hiking. Or lastly, and most probable - I'm watching movies on Netflix while simultaneously perusing Facebook.
Our family resides in the state of Virginia along with our old-unintelligent-diabetic cat named Lucky.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Digitus 233 - DON'T MISS THIS!

I reviewed this book a while back, but due to it's amazing-ness I needed to bring it up again! Enjoy, then go on and get your own copy! Now! :)

Digitus 233, by author K.D. Emerson . . . well, what can I even say? I finished the book only moments ago and I am still breathless. Emerson presents a unique and incredible story that will definitely leave you wishing for more, needing more, in fact. Few books or writers have ever caught my attention as much as Digitus 233 and K.D. Emerson have.

Digitus 233 tells a story, but it isn't that simple. This is one deep story that will have you guessing and gasping at every turn. You'll want to wear your literary seat belt for this one. In this dystopian young adult thriller Emerson shines light on power, control, and life in general, all wound into one breathtaking story. The author allows you to get inside the heads of not only one main character, but of all of them, which allows for so much breadth and life.

One aspect of this book that I would like to highlight is the lack of violent description. I am far from a 
fan of dystopian stories, but I ate this one up. The author brilliantly tells the story without making it too violent, which I love. She leaves room for your imagination to fill in the gaps, and to only imagine as much as you would like to. As a visual reader I appreciate that very much. This in no way inhibits the imagery or the story though, have no fear! It adds far more than it takes away, let me assure you.

All in all, I give this book a HUMONGOUS 5 STARS! I'd give more if I was allowed to. Like, 10 out out of 5. Really people, it was that good. It took me a while to read this book, simply because I am swamped right now, what with working on my own stories and publishing one this month, but I guarantee you that if you have the time, and even if you don't, you will not be able to put this book down. It will drawn you in and your electronic pages will be flying faster than you can imagine. I highly recommend this book for all readers from early teenage years and up!

Here's how you can get your hands on a copy, only $.99 right now on Amazon!

Digitus 233

I highly encourage you to grab a copy of this book. You will not be disappointed!

- Heidi Nicole Bird

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here Comes Bertha!

Today I'd like to welcome Jane Carroll, author of Bertha-Size Your Life, a fun and witty book that was actually a part of the launch party for Ontario not too long ago! Welcome to the blog Jane! I know that you have a popular blog Life According to Jane. Do you have a favorite that you’d like to share with my readers?

It’s funny…I blog almost every weekday…so it stands to reason that some of my posts are much better than others. My favorite is usually the one that was the most meaningful for me in the moment…as I am generally sharing the life lessons that Bertha is teaching me on any given day. And trust me…I am still learning plenty of lessons! But…that being said…this one is one of my all-time favorites…I hope you’ll find it meaningful as well.

Dead Women Don’t Wear Girdles…
I came up with this title…and I love it…I just can’t figure out quite what to do with it…it might help if I’d seen the movie that gave me the inspiration…but…I didn’t…
So…I’m on my own…I keep getting ideas…but they seem morbid…and perhaps insensitive…although…that would never be my intent…I’ll tread lightly…
Okay…since there are no accidents…this popped into my head for a reason…something I need to learn…something I need to say…or…I’ve finally lost that one lone marble that’s been rolling around in my head all these years…
I’m gonna go with something I need to learn…which means it will also get said…
I keep thinking…when I am a corpse…will I ask the undertaker…does this casket make me look fat…do you think you could squeeze me into a smaller size…maybe something in black
I know…that’s irreverent…I suppose the question I am asking myself…is…am I willing to go to the grave worrying about what other people think of me
And the answer is…I hope not
I hope I realize that my life is bigger and fuller than that…I hope that I appreciate who I am and what I do…I hope that I realize I am more than someone else’s opinion of me…more than my size…more than my wardrobe…more than my relationships…more than my job…and even more than my writing…I hope I realize that I am all of that…and more…
I hope that I will not squeeze into a symbolic girdle even one day…ever again…
And that when I do get to that undertaker…I will only ask…do you know what an awesome life I had…it was full…it was fun…you may need a bigger casket to fit it all inmaybe something in limegreen and flamingo pink

Thanks for sharing Linda, what an interesting post! It definitely gets me thinking. To get to know Jane and her work more, head on over to her links! 


Jane Carroll, Author of Amazon Bestselling Bertha-Size Your Life!, is a Life Coach, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Mother, Grandmother, and long-time student of life. She has seen the focus of her over 30 year nursing career change from illness to wellness to wholeness, a philosophy that permeates everything she does. While she enjoys all aspects of her life, writing is her passion and she is currently working on Bertha’s latest adventures.

Bertha-Size Your Life! recently received the MK Traditionally Published Best Book of 2012 Award.

Bertha-Size Your Life! reads like a series of humorous short stories but it is so much more. Bertha, a zany redhead, mysteriously appears into the narrator’s life while walking in the park. Quicker than a man can hand off a baby with a dirty diaper, she has moved into her new friend’s empty nest and the fun begins.

Bertha is always up to something and delights in standing on a soapbox while dispensing down-home wisdom and perky advice. She explains The Law of Attraction in a refreshing, humor-filled, practical way that has you going hmmm instead of humph.

Throw in a conniving nemesis, an antagonistic cat, lime green spandex, and high-heels and you’ve got a book that’s sure to tickle your funny bone and leave you wearing your thinking cap as you read and reread each vignette.

Who knew personal transformation could be so much fun? “Bertha, that was a rhetorical question. Get off your soapbox…”

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Kai's Journey" Re-launch!

Today, please help me welcome Wendy and Charles Siefken as they celebrate the re-launch of their book Kai's Journey!

Meet the authors:

Charlie will be attending college this fall for auto mechanics. He loves to read and create stories. He works full time at a local auto shop now. Charlie’s inspiration to become a writer and who got him hooked on reading books is Christopher Paolini who also started his writing career while in high school as well.

Wendy is a wife, mother and also works as a tier one tech at a local call center. She has always loved to read books and when her children were small she loved to tell them stories she would make up with the kids being the main characters. Together Charlie and Wendy create worlds and people who live in them.

Our journey started as a school project back in 2009. Charlie was given the task of writing, editing, and publishing a book. He was always writing stories and the teachers had a difficult time getting him to do his homework or doing the writing topics they wanted him to write on. Since then we have tried our hand at finding an agent with the big publishing companies before going the indie route. We had found someone to help us edit the book but they didn't quite have the same vision for the story as we did. We had also found someone to help us create a book cover but again, they didn't quite see it as we did. Since we have joined with MasterKoda Select Publishing we have had wonderful help with editing the book to make it the best story possible with characters that will stay with you long after you finish the book. Dan Peyton who is a very talented author is also a gifted artist who helped us by drawing the characters Kai and Clover for the cover. His amazing talents and beautiful work can be seen on the cover along with Rebbekah Whites background that helps bring the story to life. Together these two wonderful people have created a beautiful work of art that we are proud to display for our book cover. 

Get the book here!