Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just in Time For Halloween

Around this time of year we tend to enjoy the spookier aspects of life more than we normally would, so this book is perfect for right now! Not only does it tell a wonderful and suspenseful story, but it also explores the frighting power that governing bodies can obtain and hold over other people. To say I wasn't at least a little freaked out by what goes on in this story would be a lie, so I'm sharing it with you, just in time for Halloween!

K.D. Emerson has this to say to her readers.
Thanks to all the readers of my work and for your precious input. I don’t think you realize how much it means to me. Each one of you has given me a gift with your kind words. May God bless you in every step you take and may your life be filled with that glorious peace that passes all understanding.

~What Readers are saying ~

·         This book has a fascinating storyline and great characters with hidden talents. When I got to the end, I kept trying to flip to the next page before I realized it was a cliffhanger. No! I MUST know what happens next! ~ Laurie Boris
·         Looking for fantastic characters and a breath-holding, heart-pounding, hair-raising edge of your seat good time? Then look no further, Digitus 233 has it all ~ Maria
·         This knocked The Hunger Games right out of the running for me (and that's one of my favorites!) ~ Dominique
·         This sort of tale-spinning takes TALENT! All I've gotta say is this: KD - you'd better get the sequel written pretty darn quickly...!! ~ Liberty
·         Digitus 233 is an excellent example of an author whose characters look and sound real, and whose behaviour - while not always exemplary - rings true to me ~ Lynette
·         If you're a teacher, this is a book that is sure to capture the interest of your entire class! If you're a parent with a reluctant reader, I'd definitely suggest downloading this book to get him/her interested in reading! ~ Anne

Head on over and grab your own $.99 copy by clicking the picture below! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Spotlight: "The Warrior," by Ty Patterson

If you enjoy reading thrillers from the likes of Lee Child,James Patterson, David Baldacci, Harlan Coben, and Robert Crais, you will enjoy The Warrior.

When Private Military Contractor Zeb Carter witnesses gruesome crimes in the Congo, he can’t just walk away.
Plagued by the scale of the crimes and the helplessness of the victims, he is bent on his own private justice. With Broker by his side, a maverick intelligence analyst, Zeb soon realizes that this time he has come up against an adversary who is utterly ruthless...and perhaps more than a match for him.

What transpires is a fast pace gripping journey that stretches from the Congo to New York, into the world of corrupt politics, influential politicians who want him dead, and government agencies who are against him.

This breakneck paced read is an edge-of-your-seat,exothermic thrill machine, with a plot so full of surprises  it will carry your imagination long beyond the final word.

Don't read this book if you have deadlines to meet. It melts time and will make you miss them!

Check out these stunning reviews:

"What a great book! It has been a long time since I have had a book keep me on the edge! I found I couldn't put it down. If you are a Jack Reacher fan then this book is for you. It's good to know there are still authors out there who appeal to the Warrior in all of us! Ty is a great author and I look forward to the sequel!!"

"Love this book!! It had me hooked the second I started reading it! gripping and intense action!! I hope Ty Patterson has more books on the way!!"

"Gripping from the very beginning. Fast paced and will draw you in. A true action and suspense novel! Would love to see a spin off of any of the colorful characters in this book. Broker for one, or see Rory later in life! Loved it, and the opening to The Reluctant Warrior looks to be equally thrilling!"

I will start off by saying I grew up in a law enforcement family; I now also work in the field and as horrible as it sounds and in reality is it, it takes a lot to get to me; Mr. Patterson manages to do just that. The Warrior "had me on the edge of my seat. This fast paced thriller left me hoping there was more but still satisfied with the end. I have already recommended it to everyone in my family and those I work with; anyone who enjoys a good gripping book should get this, clear some time to sit, and be fully immersed in the world of Major Zeb Carter."

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Ty discovered reading at an early age and the backs of cereal cartons were frequently part of his reading diet. And so were the labels on toilet paper rolls... but let's not dwell there.

His journey to being a writer took him to selling tea to street side stalls, selling exotic leather goods, living by
the side of railway tracks, and living on a couple of continents.

He took to writing at an early age - writing pieces of humor and fiction, some of which are yet to see the light of day and others that got published in journals that are now deader than the T-Rex.
Ty started writing The Warrior on a challenge by his better half and son. Ty set a bigger challenge for himself - to write a thriller that would stay in readers' minds long beyond the last word - fueled by just the power of the black word on a white page.

Ty feels blessed that readers have taken to the The Warrior and is now writing a sequel.

Ty is privileged that his wife and son shape their lives to accommodate his writing. They also humor his ridiculous belief that he is in charge.

Ty plays most racquet sports with a great deal of enthusiasm and a lot less ability. If you're looking for a playing partner whose ass you want to whup, Ty is your man.

To learn more visit Ty's social media sites:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Read Something Great This Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner, which means many of us are filling as many minutes as possible with the freaky, the strange, and the haunted. Here's a story that's perfect for this spooky time of year, and it is only $.99!

In early July 2013, the following news article made headlines: "Possibility of First Head Transplant Fraught with Ethical and Medical Dilemmas." Are head transplants really in our near future, and what will that mean for mankind? Dante Marando understands that the human body is fragile. With recent medical advances, he's certain scientists will soon be able to keep healthy people alive for longer stretches of time, and he is determined to be a part of history in the making. Is Dante interested in helping mankind thrive, or is he only looking out for himself?

Get your own copy of this great short story here


S.L. Wallace is an upper elementary Montessori teacher and life long writer who is a descendant of the famous William Wallace. Like him, she believes in freedom and independence. Unlike him, she fights her battles with the pen. When asked what her favorite genre is for a rainy day, Wallace says "It's a tie between historical fiction and science fiction because I enjoy learning about the past as well as imagining the future." To learn more about the author and her work head to http://slwallace.com/.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What I Learned from Maggie Stiefvater

Last week I had the great pleasure to hear from a best selling author that many of you may know: Maggie Stiefvater, author of The Scorpio Races, among many other books. My coworker and friend Lyndsi and I joined with a bunch of other starstruck ladies in the cutest little courtyard I'd ever seen. Actually, there was one guy there. That's right, one. He was surrounded by middle aged women, teenage girls, ladies with small children, and even a woman who was crocheting away at something that looked like a dish scrubber. The courtyard was hidden behind the most wonderful adorable little bookshop.

Before letting you in on some of Maggie's great thoughts on writing, here are some fun things I learned about her while I was there: She has fainting goats (if you don't know what these are you absolutely need to look them up), she used to be a portrait artist, and she was a competitive bagpipe player in college. Cool!

The whole program ran so nicely. The author spoke to us for a while, feeding us with fabulous stories, then she read part of her newest book, using audience members as characters in the story to voice some of the characters. It was brilliant! Then she allowed for questions. That's where I heard a lot of things that I love. Here's what I wrote down for you all:
  • Critique partners. Maggie highly suggests having these. It's hard to exchange ideas in baby form (less than 10K words). You can "support your thesis" by 10K. At that point, send it to your critique partner to get their thoughts. Don't use just any old person. Use other writers who like to read. 
  • Don't ever give up on your dreams. When Maggie was young she wanted to be an author more than anything. It was a long and bumpy road. The first story she ever wrote started with the line "It like, hugs the road!" and it was about two Scottish terriers who were test driving a red Porsche! Haha. As you continue to write, you get better. Thirty finished and unfinished books had been written before Maggie ever had her first book published, a number which she says is typical. It is very common to be rejected about 30 times. Something she said that I REALLY loved: When she wrote the book that would be her first published novel it felt palpably different. It was something she knew that only she could write. It was uniquely hers. 
  • On the topic of research: She only researches connections. The ideas she explores, like the water horses in The Scorpio Races, came from mythology and folklore that she had loved and studied as a child. 
  • Characters: Instead of creating characters out of nowhere Maggie bases hers on real people. 
Great stuff! I wish I could have written down everything she said. Hopefully you've gained some new insight, as I did. To finish up, here are some pictures of the amazing bookstore and the event! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Spotlight: "The Circus," by Bob Joswick

Today I would like to let you know about a book that I haven't actually read, but I felt like many of you would be interested in: The Circus, by Bob Joswick. 

The story begins in a small, Western Pennsylvania coal mining town in the mid 1950’s, seemingly far removed from where it concludes in a raging firestorm in Southern California. A constant flow of action and quirky individuals such as a ruthless circus clown and a beguiling, dwarf detective complicate the story.

Sam Simon, a retired mine geologist, and his friend, Doc Martin, are targeted for revenge by a coldblooded former cop and past nemesis. It starts with the surprise arrival of Doc’s long missing car and the discovery of a body in its trunk. To unravel the clues, they enlist the aid of a wealthy zoo veterinarian, Lenora Jaminson, who provides advice and the use of her private airplane.

The search for answers takes them to a misplaced, out of season circus where they are nearly eaten by a trio of caged tigers. Their rescue, by the dwarf Japanese American private eye, Jake Ozaki, leads them on an adventure, discovering illegal gold and the stolen lives of a California Japanese family after they are forced into an internment camp by unscrupulous soldiers at one onset of World War II.

 In Southern California, Sam, Doc and Lenora encounter a mysterious and emotionally scarred Uno Koba, a near recluse who raises earthworms. He quickly becomes the center of their search. The powerful forces of raging fires, fueled by Santa Ana winds complicate the story and help expose the secrets of a greedy business man behind the deception.

Sounds fantastic, right? Need more convincing? Check out this great review:

The Circus is a wonderful, fast-paced action/thriller. The way Joswick weaved the story around a sensitive subject like the treatment of the Japanese during and after WWII was done masterfully. It was obvious from the outset that he'd done a great deal of research on the subject.

The characters were well-developed and interesting, like the wealthy, female veterinarian with a prosthetic leg and a dwarf Japanese-American private detective. I really liked the good guys and greatly disliked the bad guys, but there were also a few that were struggling internally - they were perhaps acting as bad guys but still had some good in them that clashed with the bad, and vice versa.

The plot took many twists and turns, and the characters and events were related and intertwined in surprising and unexpected ways. Once I started it, it only took a few days to consume the story.

I look forward to more novels from Bob Joswick! - Steven C. Roth

The Circus is available from Solstice Publishers, Amazon, Nook, and all e-book sellers.

You can find Bob Joswick on Facebook,  and on Twitter as @bobjoswick.


Bob Joswick grew up in the shadows of a Western Pennsylvania coal mine, and was raised in a coal mining family. Graduated from The University of Tulsa and later earned a Masters of Business Administration. Went on to become a college and NFL football player, after that a salesman and manager for a Fortune 50 company.  He has published a number of articles for a regional, Southern California magazine as well as a National Publication. Along with his wife, Janie, a retired teacher, they enjoy motorcycles and have ridden every canyon and mountain road in Southern California. Bob like to spend time on the football field working as a referee for high school games. He and his wife Janie live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where he studies English literature at The University of Tulsa. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Review: "Green Kitty," by Alexandra Bryan

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Green Kitty by Alexandra Bryan follows a child as she repeatedly visits and spends time with her grandmother who is experiencing dementia. From the beginning the child is hesitant about visiting her grandmother, but her father suggests that she ask about the green kitty. The request is made for grandma to spill the beans about this strange cat, which results in all sorts of tales from her life.

Not only does the main character learn a lot about her grandmother, but she also comes to learn about how loved ones sometimes don't remember everything when they age. I was not particularly drawn into the story, but in the story and author's defense, this book is aimed for a much younger audience, around 8-12 years old. Throughout the book, grandma tells all sorts of stories, and I did find them entertaining. As I read I tried to imagine how my younger self would react, and I believe that children will enjoy it. The stories are funny and sometimes surprising, and some of them thrilling.

Overall I'd give this book 4 stars, for being good, unique, and entertaining.

To learn more and get yourself a copy click here.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cover Reveal: Home Wrecker II, by Brenda Perlin

Today I am pleased to participate in the cover reveal for Home Wrecker II: The Brooklyn Chronicles, by Brenda Perlin! And...here it is!

***Unlike most books I have on this site, this one may not be considered family friendly***

Please join the online Facebook party October 11th at 1:00 pm (PST) where there will be #fun #games and #prizes. There will be random #Ebook giveaways leading up to the event!

If you haven’t read Home Wrecker I it is a great time to pick up a copy!!!
“Brooklyn and Bo, each unhappily married to others, must decide whether to stay with their spouses or give up everything for their love.” HOME WRECKER IS BACK! A Story of Love, Betrayal, and a Struggle to Keep New-found Happiness.

October 11, 2013. Ladera Ranch, California: Brenda Perlin is back with Home Wrecker II: The Brooklyn Chronicles, published by Master Koda Select Publishing. This Contemporary Romance is set to continue the story of Home Wrecker I: Home Wrecker Chronicles in September of 2013. The reader will experience an emotional roller-coaster ride as the writer divulges the sad and dark times of Brooklyn, all the while provoking deep thought while re-living her memories through the reading experience. "Home Wrecker: The Brooklyn Chronicles provides a look into the heart and mind of a woman who cheated on her marriage and the reasons why it happened. It is honest. It is real. It is the story of what made Brooklyn the woman she is today, the decisions made that put her on the path she walks today, and it does it with an openness and honesty not found in many such stories. The book is well written and grabbed me from the beginning and held my attention until the very end.” – Crystal Schall, The Book Rack Home Wrecker II: The Brooklyn Chronicles puts the reader on a journey through the eyes of the main character, Brooklyn Rosen. Her story, at times, is excruciatingly honest and evokes one’s own self-reflection throughout the reading experience. However, through the devastation and tribulations, the reader will also gain an insight to the inspiring strength of the heroine as she struggles toward personal happiness.


Master Koda Select Publishing is a small, but high quality, publisher of ebooks and paperbacks. The company takes pride in its authors by implementing aggressive marketing initiatives. Master Koda Select Publishing selects only a few authors per year to ensure they are receiving the attention they deserve.
For further inquiries and additional information, please contact: Kim Mutch Emerson http://masterkodaselectpublishing.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HomeWreckertheBook Twitter https://twitter.com/HomeWreckerbook Website http://www.homewreckerthebook.com/ Blog http://www.homewreckertheblog.com

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Review: "Darkest Day," by K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns

Today I'd like to give you my two cents on the newest release from K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns. Darkest Day is the second book in the What She Knew Trilogy, the sequel to Fateful Night, which I also reviewed.

***Unlike most books I review on this site, this one is not family friendly***

Darkest Day delivered in every way I wanted it to, and I was thrilled from the very beginning. Book one in the trilogy left me wanting more with every word, and this book is not one bit behind. From the first page I found myself drawn right back into the action, the possibilities, and the mystery. I am legitimately impressed with the authors' ability to keep track of so many characters and plot lines! There is so much going on, and yet they beautifully weave each plot line and idea into an intricate and well-put-together story that will have you at the edge of your seat. I was extremely satisfied with the adventure and quality of this book, and the only disappointment was realizing I was at the end! 

In this second installment, the authors continue to explore the "what ifs" that were encountered in the first book, and take them even farther, the biggest question being "what if Marilyn Monroe hadn't died, and what if she knew something that could have prevented the assassination of President Kennedy?" If you love adventure, intrigue, historical fiction, Marilyn Monroe, and being hooked by a good story, you'll love this book. 

If you are looking for a clean, family friendly book, this isn't it, as it contains a lot of strong language, some violence, and some scenes with adult content. If this isn't something you are worried about, then I highly recommend that you check out this book, as it will not disappoint! 5 stars, all the way! 

To get a copy of the book click here. Currently on sale for only $.99!
To connect with the authors visit their Facebook page or blog