Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Spotlight: "The Circus," by Bob Joswick

Today I would like to let you know about a book that I haven't actually read, but I felt like many of you would be interested in: The Circus, by Bob Joswick. 

The story begins in a small, Western Pennsylvania coal mining town in the mid 1950’s, seemingly far removed from where it concludes in a raging firestorm in Southern California. A constant flow of action and quirky individuals such as a ruthless circus clown and a beguiling, dwarf detective complicate the story.

Sam Simon, a retired mine geologist, and his friend, Doc Martin, are targeted for revenge by a coldblooded former cop and past nemesis. It starts with the surprise arrival of Doc’s long missing car and the discovery of a body in its trunk. To unravel the clues, they enlist the aid of a wealthy zoo veterinarian, Lenora Jaminson, who provides advice and the use of her private airplane.

The search for answers takes them to a misplaced, out of season circus where they are nearly eaten by a trio of caged tigers. Their rescue, by the dwarf Japanese American private eye, Jake Ozaki, leads them on an adventure, discovering illegal gold and the stolen lives of a California Japanese family after they are forced into an internment camp by unscrupulous soldiers at one onset of World War II.

 In Southern California, Sam, Doc and Lenora encounter a mysterious and emotionally scarred Uno Koba, a near recluse who raises earthworms. He quickly becomes the center of their search. The powerful forces of raging fires, fueled by Santa Ana winds complicate the story and help expose the secrets of a greedy business man behind the deception.

Sounds fantastic, right? Need more convincing? Check out this great review:

The Circus is a wonderful, fast-paced action/thriller. The way Joswick weaved the story around a sensitive subject like the treatment of the Japanese during and after WWII was done masterfully. It was obvious from the outset that he'd done a great deal of research on the subject.

The characters were well-developed and interesting, like the wealthy, female veterinarian with a prosthetic leg and a dwarf Japanese-American private detective. I really liked the good guys and greatly disliked the bad guys, but there were also a few that were struggling internally - they were perhaps acting as bad guys but still had some good in them that clashed with the bad, and vice versa.

The plot took many twists and turns, and the characters and events were related and intertwined in surprising and unexpected ways. Once I started it, it only took a few days to consume the story.

I look forward to more novels from Bob Joswick! - Steven C. Roth

The Circus is available from Solstice Publishers, Amazon, Nook, and all e-book sellers.

You can find Bob Joswick on Facebook,  and on Twitter as @bobjoswick.


Bob Joswick grew up in the shadows of a Western Pennsylvania coal mine, and was raised in a coal mining family. Graduated from The University of Tulsa and later earned a Masters of Business Administration. Went on to become a college and NFL football player, after that a salesman and manager for a Fortune 50 company.  He has published a number of articles for a regional, Southern California magazine as well as a National Publication. Along with his wife, Janie, a retired teacher, they enjoy motorcycles and have ridden every canyon and mountain road in Southern California. Bob like to spend time on the football field working as a referee for high school games. He and his wife Janie live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where he studies English literature at The University of Tulsa. 

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