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NaNoWriMo Spotlight: Serena Akeroyd

Please welcome a fellow wrimo, Serena Akeroyd!

Have you participated in NaNaNoWriMo before? If so, how many years? Have you won? This is your chance to tell us a bit about your Nano experience. Are you new and nervous? Are you wanting to be published, or just playing for fun? Seasoned and ready? Tell us! 

I've participated twice. Once a few years back, when I wasn't really sure if writing was my thing. Safe to say, I didn't win! Then, last year, when I started to take writing seriously, I took part.

It was hard keeping up with the pace, because while I'm a fast writer, having to write some every day to keep within schedule was tough. This NaNoWriMo will be even harder. Last month, I wrote a 58 thousand word novel so, to do another 50k, back to back, is going to be extremely tiring! 

How did you find out about NaNo and why did you decide to do it? What type of story do you plan on writing this year, and what have you done in the past? 

I can't even remember how I discovered NaNo; it was just something I fell into, because I needed to be pushed into writing and putting that over everything else in my life. NaNo gives you an excuse to do just that and it's helpful to know everyone is suffering and that everyone is trying. 

Early this year, I started to write a crime novel but because primarily, I write romance, I gave it up. I'm actually in the throes of a romance series titled Naughty Nookie and I'm publishing a story a month! So, my crime story for NaNo will be written alongside another tale. I'm going to have a headache this November! 

For seasoned participants: what advice would you give? 

Every one approaches things like this in a different manner, you just have to give it your best. The only thing I would say is to pace yourself. I don't agree that you should just write for the sake of writing. Some of it has to make sense otherwise it isn't a story and you're just torturing yourself for nothing. So have an outline and work within the parameters of your story. 

Where are you from and what is your age/age group? 

I'm originally from the UK and I'm 25.

What makes you different? Do you collect My Little Pony figures? Stalk famous people? Secretly raise cats for the lady next door? Be creative. I know there is something unique you can share! 

I have a dog named Trever. 
My pen name is an amalgamation of two old family names. A surname and the Christian name of a great-great aunty! Not sure what she'd have said about that; considering some of my stories can be risqué! 

What is something you’ve learned about writing from your favorite author? 

This sounds horrible, but more than anything, NOT to repeat the dialogue tag 'said'. I said, she said, they said. Yuck! Plus, not to go overkill on adverbs. She said quickly. They said briskly. He said roughly. It grates on the nerves!

Thanks for having me on your blog, Heidi! Good luck with NaNoWriMo!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book Release: "Beast Within," by Caitlin Hensley

Today I am very happy to have a good friend of mine here to celebrate the release of her newest book! Miss Caitlin Hensley, writer of YA paranormal, and many other things, has appeared on my blog several times, and as always I am thrilled to have her here. Make sure to read all the way to the end and enter the drawing for a free e-copy of Caitlin's first book Paranormal Legacy!

Hi Caitlin! When did you first start writing? Have you always wanted to be a writer?
To be honest, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. My dream has always been to see my name on the spine of a book, and now it’s come true! :)

Do you outline your books, or write as you go?
I usually type out a rough outline, then spend some time composing character backstories and searching for reference pictures on the Internet. After that, the actual writing begins, and I fill in details and expand the plot as I go.

Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what?
I love listening to movie soundtracks, especially the ones from Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Trek. The more epic the music, the easier the words tend to flow.

For you, what’s the hardest part of writing?
When I’m editing one of my books for the last time, after editing it about a bazillion times before that, I have a hard time focusing. As I’m sure you can imagine, reading a book that much can get pretty tiresome…

What’s your favorite genre to read?
I’ll read just about anything, really. Paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, dystopia, you name it! Right now, I’m reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

November is National Novel Writing Month. Are you participating this year?
I love NaNo! And yes, I’m participating. I wasn’t sure if I would, but in the end, I couldn’t resist the urge. I’m working on a YA contemporary romance, and though this is the first time I’ve written in that genre, I’m having a blast!

What’s the title of your latest release? What genre does it fit into?
It’s called Beast Within, and it’s the third book in The Inhuman Chronicles. It’s YA paranormal-fantasy.

Can you share an excerpt with us?

Sure! Here’s a bit from chapter one:

“Tell me about your dream,” Luke says.
“Well . . . I was in the woods,” I say. “Only there was snow on the ground, everywhere, really deep. And . . . and I was holding Todd’s body in my arms.”
At this, Luke stiffens and sets down his glass. I drop my gaze to the tile and keep going. It’s too late for me to stop now.
“There was a huge hole in Todd’s chest, like he’d been stabbed, probably with the sword that was on the ground beside us. Because it had, you know, blood all over it.”
“Oh my.”
I glance at him again. His face has turned gray. “D-does that mean anything to you?” I ask.
He swallows. “No,” he says, the word catching in his throat. “It means nothing at all.”
Disappointment crashes over me. I was counting so much on Luke having the answers, but he’s as clueless as I am. Now what?
He jumps up from his barstool, so suddenly that my heart stutters in my chest. “Like I said, I don’t know a thing about it. Now why don’t you let me see you to the door? I’d like to return to bed.”
I stand up and ball my hands into fists. “Did you hear a word I just said? This is serious, Luke.”
“Oh yes, I’m sure it seems that way to you. Everyone believes their dreams are important.”
“That dream wasn’t just my imagination,” I say tightly. “It was real.”
He gives a funny little smile. “Was it?”
The urge to whine at him is strong, but I suppress it. I study Luke. He’s staring at a clock mounted on the far wall instead of at my face.
He’s not an idiot, I realizehe’s pretending not to believe me.
“What are you hiding?” I ask, folding my arms. “You should know, it’s really obvious.”
“I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about,” he says. “Now come along, and I’ll show you to the door.”

Any advice for other writers?
Write for yourself. If you worry too much about what other people will think of your book, you’ll never get the first draft written. Just concentrate on reaching the end of your story, and THEN you can consider other people’s opinions.

Where can people go to find information about your books?

Amazon  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Blog

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NaNoWriMo Spotlight: Lyndsi Watson

I am particularly excited for you to meet today's guest, because she is a good friend and coworker of mine, miss Lyndsi Watson!

Have you participated in NaNaNoWriMo before? I've known about NaNaNoWriMo for a couple years but I've never tried it. 50,000 words in one month? Only crazy people attempt that! And this year, I want to be one of those crazy, insane writers.
How did you find out about NaNo and why did you decide to do it? A certain coworker (cough, cough, Heidi) persuaded me to give it a shot. She mentioned t-shirts and I signed up.
What type of story do you plan on writing this year, and what have you done in the past? I'm thinking about attempting a YA fantasy. I've never tried writing fantasy before, but I'm excited to see what happens.
What are you expecting? Oh, some bad hair days, sleepless nights from staying up writing or brainstorming. Maybe some bursts of inspiration which result in random dancing. I mostly just want to have fun because somewhere along the way, I forgot that writing and creating worlds and characters is fun. I've been stuck thinking that I can't write anything, not even a single sentence, unless it's perfect. So I'm using NaNaNoWriMo to cut loose.
Tell us one thing that is totally unique to you. What makes you different? Oh geez. I can never think of anything for this question! Um...when I was in first grade, I ran into a metal pole on the playground and cracked my cheekbone.
What is something you’ve learned about writing from your favorite author? Lots of authors say to write, write, write and read. One of my favorite authors reminds me to also live. You gotta go on crazy adventures and embrace life, no matter how ridiculous or fantastical it might seem. Sitting in your room with a pen or laptop won't give you ideas or experiences to draw off of. Go on an adventure and call it research for your next writing project.

Friday, November 15, 2013

NaNoWriMo Spotlight: Tameka Armstrong

Hi everybody! Get to know my friend and fellow writer Tameka Armstrong!

NaNo 2013 will be my 9th year participating! I've won every year I've participated! So far of those past 8 novels, 3 of them are completed. At first, I did it for fun, but now I'm seriously considering getting published, and am thus polishing my 2012 NaNo novel for agents! I am seasoned and more ready than I can handle! My Imaginative Writing teacher told my class about it waaaay back in my pre-freshman courses at my future high school. My friends and I decided it'd be a fun challenge, and I've been hooked ever since!
I've done everything from Urban Fantasy to Chick Lit to Mystery Thriller. This year, I plan of going the UF route again, simply because it's my favorite genre to both read and write.
My advice is . . . Daily: 1-6-6-7 gets you to NaNo heaven! Seriously guys, 1667 words a day is all you need to make it to the big 5-0 by November 30th! You can do it! Don't give up! Even when you eyes are itchy, your butt is numb, and the plot bunnies are eating you alive, you will succeed if you keep striving for 1667 (and beyond!) a day!
I currently live in Tennessee, and I am 21 years old.
For the longest time, I thought "uvula" was a naughty word, and to this day, I still get those "I just said a bad word" butterflies in my tummy whenever I say it out loud. Silly, I know.
One thing I've learned from my favorite author (if we're mentioning names, it's Kelley Armstrong [pay no attention to the last name resemblance between me and her]), is that no matter what you write, write it for yourself. Write something that you would read over and over again, because when it comes right down to it, you deserve to enjoy yourself. You're writing, doing what YOU love! Have some fun and LOVE YOUR WORK!
I have a blog (, but it's quite inactive. I'll be working on it more in the coming weeks though, so feel free to add it

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaNoWriMo Spotlight: Jennifer Don

For today's NaNoWriMo author I have Jennifer Don here, introducing herself!


This year marks my third consecutive year of participating in NaNoWriMo. I found out about it three weeks before it happened, way back in 2011 and decided ‘why the heck not.’ I wasn’t a seasoned writer then, I don’t think I’m that now, but at least now I know what to expect. I’ve won both times in my past attempts and I’m looking for this to be my third win out of three. 
When I found out about it, I jumped straight into the deep end, with no plan in mind as to what I was going to write. I had a simple image that seemed to stand out and I ran with it. Of course, I wasn’t alone having managed to persuade my friend, Dominique, into joining me, knowing she had a book sitting that needed working on. Together we bounced off each other and kept each other going. I think that turned out to be one of the more important aspects of that first year – having someone to buddy up with, to keep you writing, to keep you going when you felt you couldn’t go any further. That first year, I was rather foolish, and crazy. I mean I would have had to have been if I managed to pull 50,000 words out of a hat within the first five days of the month without even knowing what I was writing at the time. Who does that? Being published isn’t everything for me. It’s not the end all or be all aspect of writing, though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t write to be published. There is a difference. I write more because I have a story to tell, and because I give me a greater sense of freedom than I could possibly ever have in this world. It allows me to create my own worlds, and it allows me to have them run as I’d see fit. Basically it makes you feel like playing god, without all the hassle that goes along with it. NaNoWriMo, I encountered by chance. I can’t remember where I saw from, or why I even jumped at the chance to participate and truly challenge myself. I must have been looking a query letters on an agent’s blog, or something like that when it came up. But I knew when I looked at it, that I wanted to see if I could amount to the challenge and to see if I could really do it for myself more than anything. I wasn’t doing it to prove a point to others; I was doing it to prove a point to myself. That point being that if we believe we can do it, and put everything into it, then there’s nothing to say we can’t achieve it. And this year, I am continuing on with a series of books that I’ve started. I wrote the first half of book one during NaNo ’12 and having finished that completely only 5 weeks before the start of this year, I knew that continuing that series onwards would be the best thing. The chosen genre seems to have fallen into Young Adult Fantasy, and seems to be more of a coming of age type series of books in a Dystopian world setting. – All of which is new to my own style, but the challenge is what is needed. My advice to fellow participants would be to always write for fun and pleasure. If you see those word targets as being something you must achieve, then you only put more pressure on yourself. If you reach them, then fine fair enough, but when you write for the love of writing and not for the words, then you may just find the stress vanishes and you slip into the story far easier than you would have thought possible. Facebook Author page- Goodreads Author page- Amazon Author page – Wordpress blog page – Twitter page -

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NaNoWriMo Spotlight: Rebekah Wolveire's today's author!

Author’s name: Rebekah Wolveire Location: North Ridgeville—Elyria Ohio Age: 31 Have you participated in NaNaNoWriMo before? Yes If so, how many years? Have you won? I have participated for three years and won all three. This is your chance to tell us a bit about your Nano experience. 
I’m not new, but I am nervous as this year I am living with more people, and I am not sure if I would have enough time to come up with 50K. (more people means more distractions, at least with me.)
Are you wanting to be published, or just playing for fun? 
I write version A (draft 1) for myself, but I eventually want to be published.
Seasoned and ready? 
I am rebelling and working on a project I already started, so in a sense I am ready. (I have been working on every other project lately so I haven’t touched my NaNo project for almost a year, so in that I am not ready yet.) How did you find out about NaNo and why did you decide to do it? 
I used to be into counting pages, but I did some research and found out that editors and publishers counted words. I googled writing sites to improved my writing and I discovered NaNoWriMo.
What type of story do you plan on writing this year, and what have you done in the past? 
This year I am finishing my mystery novel. I normally write horror: paranormal/occult. The first two years I started from a scratch, but last year and this year I am rebelling by focusing on a project that I have already started. (My projects are usually 100,000 words or more, and I typed over 100K last year with two different projects so 50k can be done. What advice would you give? 
I have noticed there are two main groups one that write so much (1.5k to 5k) every day and those who write once or twice a week (10K to 20K). I have pulled both, but I think 2k to 4k a day is easier than trying to pulling a 10k (It can really burn you out.) If you can keep an idea that really sparks your attention. Some people even stop in the middle of a sentence or a scene just so they are fired up the next time that they write. It’s not a competition. Do not be afraid to lose. Make time to write. Take a notebook when you can’t get to a computer, and write whenever you can. (I don’t have kids, but I have relatives and cats that need and take my time. However I have chatted with mothers and fathers who write two hours after their kids go to bed. I knew this one mom had her kids writing with her.)
Tell us one thing that is totally unique to you. I wanted to be a pop singer before I wanted to write. I hardly write about music, because it is a very emotional subject to me. I also want to bring a seductive horror back to vampires. (I feel that Meyers took the horror away from vampires by making them sparkle. I also think she made them creepy by having them stalk teenagers. If any adult stalks a teenager now they are legally and morally wrong.) Do you stalk famous people?
I don’t stalk, but I do have celeb crushes and I use them in my head when creating a character. Secretly raise cats for the lady next door? I live with three cats, but none of them are just mine. (I had two cats within the last six years and they both died, because I think my neighbor is poisoning the mice.) What is something you’ve learned about writing from your favorite author? 
This is a different twist. I learned that you cannot look at yourself at the same levels as a main-streamed published author until you become one. Example Stephen King had said that no rough draft should take more than six weeks. (However he doesn’t live with the people that I do. There are many times where my family would rather have my cooking and baking than my writing.) My Facebook page My writing blog (I have a lot of tips for writing and NaNoWriMo on this site.) Twitter: The Whispering Path E-copy The Whispering Path Paperback Or

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NaNoWriMo Spotlight: Nadia Kilrick

Today I'd like to introduce you to Nadia Kilrick!

Hi Nadia! Have you participated in NaNaNoWriMo before? 

I have taken part in NaNoWriMo four years. I think. Even so, I've never acquired one of those fancy little badges that screams out to the world that I won. Strangely enough, I wrote a 65,000 word novel in less than three weeks in 2012 but it wasn't my NaNo novel. I missed it by a few months, or I finished ahead of the crowd - guess it depends on how you look at it. *snicker*

How did you find out about NaNo and why did you decide to do it?

You know, I cannot remember how I first heard about it. Although, I have a faint memory of reading about it and thinking something like, "Pfft, silliness!" and moving on. I'm not sure what brought me to the site the first time I participated, and even though I didn't finish, I'm glad I took part.

What type of story do you plan on writing this year, and what have you done in the past?

It depends. I'm working on the third novel in a contracted trilogy right now and if it isn't finished by then, I'll finish it. Additionally, I have an inspirational romance in the works (presently, under 20,000 words) that I plan to finish this year. I expect NaNo will be the perfect opportunity to finish that one and to wrap up another psychological thriller that is partially done. We'll see...

For seasoned participants: what advice would you give?

Even though I haven't actually 'won' NaNo, I'd have to say the best way to finish is to set a time each day to write and stick to it. Find friends to sprint with every day. You'll be amazed how much you can write when you are writing against the clock with friends. There are groups on Facebook and Twitter sprinting every day and night - connect with some of them. Finally, do not back up and edit! Leave that for later. Any mistakes you've made or scenes that need tweaking will still be there after you proudly download your "I WON" badge.

Where are you from and what is your age/age group?

I'm from the Emerald Coast of Florida. I'm old enough to have ten grandchildren. *wink*

Tell us one thing that is totally unique to you. What makes you different? Do you collect My Little Pony figures? Stalk famous people? Secretly raise cats for the lady next door? Be creative. I know there is something unique you can share!

Unique. Hmmm. I'm certain I'm not the only person that does this but I collect roosters - glass, wood, metal and live ones. Too, I can't seem to pass up a stack of vintage linens, lace or afghans in thrift stores. I've just got to have them all! So, if you ever see me sifting through bins in thrift/junk stores around the Southeast, just know that I'm in the zone, searching for the perfect...

What is something you’ve learned about writing from your favorite author?

Naming my favorite author is always tough for me. I think because it depends on my mood for the day. Some days, it's Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee, equally. I love their easy way with words. In my opinion, they wrote as if they were telling a story to friends while sipping tea on the porch. And, Jane Austen, quite brave for her time. Other days, it's Dean Koontz. Him, because his stories make me uncomfortable. Always, the writings of the Apostle Paul. Notably, the Corinthians. Like them, we have to make our stories easy to read, take chances, give readers something to think about, step out of our comfort zone and do it all with honesty and love – love of the work, as well as, love of the world around us and those who inhabit it.

Nadia is a published author! You can get her books and more info about her by following these links:

Ziggy Returns: A Short Tale

People of Kilmservy Village








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NaNoWriMo Spotlight: Dominique Goodall

Today I'd like to introduce you to a writer who is a good friend of mine: Dominique Goodall!

Dominique has participated and won NaNoWriMo since 2011, including Camp NaNoWriMo sessions in 2012 and 2013! She writes to be published, not just to get words down. She says "it's a good way for me to get disciplined and work to a schedule." Dominique found out about NaNo from her friend Jen, who I will be introducing below! Good old Jen nagged and nagged until Dominique agreed to come along for the ride. Way to go Jen! 

For this year's NaNoWriMo Dominique is working on the second book in a series, "so it's something that's got a backstory, but will let me grow as a writer still." When asked for NaNo advice she says "Make sure you build up writing when you can - go over the minimum when you can. If you miss a day, you don't need to worry then." Great advice!

Dominique is from the UK and is 24 years old. She is "absolutely, entirely, completely OBSESSED with wolves. Not just interested in them...OBSESSED." From studying her favorite author she has learned that "it's not always about finishing a manuscript. It's about learning your process while you do it."

To purchase Dominique's book Echoes of Winter or join her on her social media sites, check out these links:

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NaNoWriMo Spotlight: Sara Devaney

Today I'd like to welcome Sara Devaney to my blog! Thanks for visiting Sara! Tell us about your NaNoWriMo experience.

My name is Sara, I am 28 years old, and I have been participating in NaNoWriMo for about 4 years. I have completed one novel and am hoping to get my last year's novel published soon. I found out about NaNoWriMo through my friend Jeannie. She was doing it and thought it would be fun if she and I, along with her friend Christina, would have fun writing and giving each other tips and advice. This year's novel is pretty awesome. Half of it takes place in 2013 and the other half takes place during the Renaissance period. It also takes place at a Renaissance Faire. The best advice I can give is to have fun and do a ton of research. Google and Ask are your best friends - trust me. I collect giraffes (I have about 15 of them), horses (I have 25 of them), candles (got about 26 of them) and books (no idea how many I have, lol)! I've learned that it's okay to be yourself and submerge yourself in your story.

Awesome, Sara! Good luck with your work this month, it sounds like a great story! To learn more about this writer visit Sara's Author Page.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaNoWriMo Spotlight: Nicole Wells

November! My favorite month of every year! Actually, I like to cross out the word "November" on my calendar and replace it with "NaNoWriMo!" Because that's really what it is to me. So, while I'm writing away this month, I thought I'd spotlight a bunch of other authors who have joined me for this thirty-day trek of awesome craziness! People from all over the world participate in NaNoWriMo, and one of my favorite things about it is meeting authors from all different places and backgrounds, so follow my blog throughout November to meet some fantastic writers!

For today's author, please welcome Nicole Wells! I first met Nicole during last year's NaNoWriMo and we had a blast! We've become good friends, and she even beta read my first published book, Through the Paper Wall.

Have you participated in NaNaNoWriMo before? If so, how many years? Have you won? 
2013 will be my second year in Nano and I won last year! This is your chance to tell us a bit about your Nano experience. Are you new and nervous? Are you wanting to be published, or just playing for fun? Seasoned and ready? Tell us! 
I am a bit nervous about this year as I am now working and am enrolled in school for the month of November. I am already looking forward to Thanksgiving break so I can get a good chunk of writing done. This novel is one I would love to get published. Last years was a very long fanfiction. I have begun planning out what I would like to happen in the novel, and getting to know my main characters. Though, knowing my writing style, I will probably divert from the plan into the second chapter. How did you find out about NaNo and why did you decide to do it? I found out about NaNo through a friend who also writes, and said I should at least try it. It took me two years after she said that for me to actually do it. I decided to participate to try my hand at writing and see if I was any good at the writing thing. What type of story do you plan on writing this year, and what have you done in the past? 
This year will be a mystery/ adventure novel in which the mystery dates back to the Civil War era. In the past I have written fanfictions mostly.
For seasoned participants: what advice would you give?
Advice would be to have as much fun as you can. Go to write ins, participate in the Facebook group, stock up on your snack cupboard before it starts, and just go with the flow. You can always edit the novel after the month is over. Where are you from and what is your age/age group?
From Charleston, SC and am 22. Tell us one thing that is totally unique to you. What makes you different?
One unique thing? Only one? I am a huge fangirl of what would be characterized as nerdy things. Currently most in love with the Marvel universe and all it has to offer. Also, I tend to write a character that is basically me, into each story that I write. They are never a main character, but usually appear in a scene or two. It is like my own personal cameo. What is something you’ve learned about writing from your favorite author? One of my favourite writing tips is from F. Scott Fitzgerald: "You must begin by making notes. You may have to make notes for years…. When you think of something, when you recall something, put it where it belongs. Put it down when you think of it. You may never recapture it quite as vividly the second time."

It's been great to get to know you Nicole! Good luck with your novel, it sounds great!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just in Time For Halloween

Around this time of year we tend to enjoy the spookier aspects of life more than we normally would, so this book is perfect for right now! Not only does it tell a wonderful and suspenseful story, but it also explores the frighting power that governing bodies can obtain and hold over other people. To say I wasn't at least a little freaked out by what goes on in this story would be a lie, so I'm sharing it with you, just in time for Halloween!

K.D. Emerson has this to say to her readers.
Thanks to all the readers of my work and for your precious input. I don’t think you realize how much it means to me. Each one of you has given me a gift with your kind words. May God bless you in every step you take and may your life be filled with that glorious peace that passes all understanding.

~What Readers are saying ~

·         This book has a fascinating storyline and great characters with hidden talents. When I got to the end, I kept trying to flip to the next page before I realized it was a cliffhanger. No! I MUST know what happens next! ~ Laurie Boris
·         Looking for fantastic characters and a breath-holding, heart-pounding, hair-raising edge of your seat good time? Then look no further, Digitus 233 has it all ~ Maria
·         This knocked The Hunger Games right out of the running for me (and that's one of my favorites!) ~ Dominique
·         This sort of tale-spinning takes TALENT! All I've gotta say is this: KD - you'd better get the sequel written pretty darn quickly...!! ~ Liberty
·         Digitus 233 is an excellent example of an author whose characters look and sound real, and whose behaviour - while not always exemplary - rings true to me ~ Lynette
·         If you're a teacher, this is a book that is sure to capture the interest of your entire class! If you're a parent with a reluctant reader, I'd definitely suggest downloading this book to get him/her interested in reading! ~ Anne

Head on over and grab your own $.99 copy by clicking the picture below! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Spotlight: "The Warrior," by Ty Patterson

If you enjoy reading thrillers from the likes of Lee Child,James Patterson, David Baldacci, Harlan Coben, and Robert Crais, you will enjoy The Warrior.

When Private Military Contractor Zeb Carter witnesses gruesome crimes in the Congo, he can’t just walk away.
Plagued by the scale of the crimes and the helplessness of the victims, he is bent on his own private justice. With Broker by his side, a maverick intelligence analyst, Zeb soon realizes that this time he has come up against an adversary who is utterly ruthless...and perhaps more than a match for him.

What transpires is a fast pace gripping journey that stretches from the Congo to New York, into the world of corrupt politics, influential politicians who want him dead, and government agencies who are against him.

This breakneck paced read is an edge-of-your-seat,exothermic thrill machine, with a plot so full of surprises  it will carry your imagination long beyond the final word.

Don't read this book if you have deadlines to meet. It melts time and will make you miss them!

Check out these stunning reviews:

"What a great book! It has been a long time since I have had a book keep me on the edge! I found I couldn't put it down. If you are a Jack Reacher fan then this book is for you. It's good to know there are still authors out there who appeal to the Warrior in all of us! Ty is a great author and I look forward to the sequel!!"

"Love this book!! It had me hooked the second I started reading it! gripping and intense action!! I hope Ty Patterson has more books on the way!!"

"Gripping from the very beginning. Fast paced and will draw you in. A true action and suspense novel! Would love to see a spin off of any of the colorful characters in this book. Broker for one, or see Rory later in life! Loved it, and the opening to The Reluctant Warrior looks to be equally thrilling!"

I will start off by saying I grew up in a law enforcement family; I now also work in the field and as horrible as it sounds and in reality is it, it takes a lot to get to me; Mr. Patterson manages to do just that. The Warrior "had me on the edge of my seat. This fast paced thriller left me hoping there was more but still satisfied with the end. I have already recommended it to everyone in my family and those I work with; anyone who enjoys a good gripping book should get this, clear some time to sit, and be fully immersed in the world of Major Zeb Carter."

Get your copy by following one of these links!


Ty discovered reading at an early age and the backs of cereal cartons were frequently part of his reading diet. And so were the labels on toilet paper rolls... but let's not dwell there.

His journey to being a writer took him to selling tea to street side stalls, selling exotic leather goods, living by
the side of railway tracks, and living on a couple of continents.

He took to writing at an early age - writing pieces of humor and fiction, some of which are yet to see the light of day and others that got published in journals that are now deader than the T-Rex.
Ty started writing The Warrior on a challenge by his better half and son. Ty set a bigger challenge for himself - to write a thriller that would stay in readers' minds long beyond the last word - fueled by just the power of the black word on a white page.

Ty feels blessed that readers have taken to the The Warrior and is now writing a sequel.

Ty is privileged that his wife and son shape their lives to accommodate his writing. They also humor his ridiculous belief that he is in charge.

Ty plays most racquet sports with a great deal of enthusiasm and a lot less ability. If you're looking for a playing partner whose ass you want to whup, Ty is your man.

To learn more visit Ty's social media sites:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Read Something Great This Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner, which means many of us are filling as many minutes as possible with the freaky, the strange, and the haunted. Here's a story that's perfect for this spooky time of year, and it is only $.99!

In early July 2013, the following news article made headlines: "Possibility of First Head Transplant Fraught with Ethical and Medical Dilemmas." Are head transplants really in our near future, and what will that mean for mankind? Dante Marando understands that the human body is fragile. With recent medical advances, he's certain scientists will soon be able to keep healthy people alive for longer stretches of time, and he is determined to be a part of history in the making. Is Dante interested in helping mankind thrive, or is he only looking out for himself?

Get your own copy of this great short story here


S.L. Wallace is an upper elementary Montessori teacher and life long writer who is a descendant of the famous William Wallace. Like him, she believes in freedom and independence. Unlike him, she fights her battles with the pen. When asked what her favorite genre is for a rainy day, Wallace says "It's a tie between historical fiction and science fiction because I enjoy learning about the past as well as imagining the future." To learn more about the author and her work head to

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What I Learned from Maggie Stiefvater

Last week I had the great pleasure to hear from a best selling author that many of you may know: Maggie Stiefvater, author of The Scorpio Races, among many other books. My coworker and friend Lyndsi and I joined with a bunch of other starstruck ladies in the cutest little courtyard I'd ever seen. Actually, there was one guy there. That's right, one. He was surrounded by middle aged women, teenage girls, ladies with small children, and even a woman who was crocheting away at something that looked like a dish scrubber. The courtyard was hidden behind the most wonderful adorable little bookshop.

Before letting you in on some of Maggie's great thoughts on writing, here are some fun things I learned about her while I was there: She has fainting goats (if you don't know what these are you absolutely need to look them up), she used to be a portrait artist, and she was a competitive bagpipe player in college. Cool!

The whole program ran so nicely. The author spoke to us for a while, feeding us with fabulous stories, then she read part of her newest book, using audience members as characters in the story to voice some of the characters. It was brilliant! Then she allowed for questions. That's where I heard a lot of things that I love. Here's what I wrote down for you all:
  • Critique partners. Maggie highly suggests having these. It's hard to exchange ideas in baby form (less than 10K words). You can "support your thesis" by 10K. At that point, send it to your critique partner to get their thoughts. Don't use just any old person. Use other writers who like to read. 
  • Don't ever give up on your dreams. When Maggie was young she wanted to be an author more than anything. It was a long and bumpy road. The first story she ever wrote started with the line "It like, hugs the road!" and it was about two Scottish terriers who were test driving a red Porsche! Haha. As you continue to write, you get better. Thirty finished and unfinished books had been written before Maggie ever had her first book published, a number which she says is typical. It is very common to be rejected about 30 times. Something she said that I REALLY loved: When she wrote the book that would be her first published novel it felt palpably different. It was something she knew that only she could write. It was uniquely hers. 
  • On the topic of research: She only researches connections. The ideas she explores, like the water horses in The Scorpio Races, came from mythology and folklore that she had loved and studied as a child. 
  • Characters: Instead of creating characters out of nowhere Maggie bases hers on real people. 
Great stuff! I wish I could have written down everything she said. Hopefully you've gained some new insight, as I did. To finish up, here are some pictures of the amazing bookstore and the event! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Spotlight: "The Circus," by Bob Joswick

Today I would like to let you know about a book that I haven't actually read, but I felt like many of you would be interested in: The Circus, by Bob Joswick. 

The story begins in a small, Western Pennsylvania coal mining town in the mid 1950’s, seemingly far removed from where it concludes in a raging firestorm in Southern California. A constant flow of action and quirky individuals such as a ruthless circus clown and a beguiling, dwarf detective complicate the story.

Sam Simon, a retired mine geologist, and his friend, Doc Martin, are targeted for revenge by a coldblooded former cop and past nemesis. It starts with the surprise arrival of Doc’s long missing car and the discovery of a body in its trunk. To unravel the clues, they enlist the aid of a wealthy zoo veterinarian, Lenora Jaminson, who provides advice and the use of her private airplane.

The search for answers takes them to a misplaced, out of season circus where they are nearly eaten by a trio of caged tigers. Their rescue, by the dwarf Japanese American private eye, Jake Ozaki, leads them on an adventure, discovering illegal gold and the stolen lives of a California Japanese family after they are forced into an internment camp by unscrupulous soldiers at one onset of World War II.

 In Southern California, Sam, Doc and Lenora encounter a mysterious and emotionally scarred Uno Koba, a near recluse who raises earthworms. He quickly becomes the center of their search. The powerful forces of raging fires, fueled by Santa Ana winds complicate the story and help expose the secrets of a greedy business man behind the deception.

Sounds fantastic, right? Need more convincing? Check out this great review:

The Circus is a wonderful, fast-paced action/thriller. The way Joswick weaved the story around a sensitive subject like the treatment of the Japanese during and after WWII was done masterfully. It was obvious from the outset that he'd done a great deal of research on the subject.

The characters were well-developed and interesting, like the wealthy, female veterinarian with a prosthetic leg and a dwarf Japanese-American private detective. I really liked the good guys and greatly disliked the bad guys, but there were also a few that were struggling internally - they were perhaps acting as bad guys but still had some good in them that clashed with the bad, and vice versa.

The plot took many twists and turns, and the characters and events were related and intertwined in surprising and unexpected ways. Once I started it, it only took a few days to consume the story.

I look forward to more novels from Bob Joswick! - Steven C. Roth

The Circus is available from Solstice Publishers, Amazon, Nook, and all e-book sellers.

You can find Bob Joswick on Facebook,  and on Twitter as @bobjoswick.


Bob Joswick grew up in the shadows of a Western Pennsylvania coal mine, and was raised in a coal mining family. Graduated from The University of Tulsa and later earned a Masters of Business Administration. Went on to become a college and NFL football player, after that a salesman and manager for a Fortune 50 company.  He has published a number of articles for a regional, Southern California magazine as well as a National Publication. Along with his wife, Janie, a retired teacher, they enjoy motorcycles and have ridden every canyon and mountain road in Southern California. Bob like to spend time on the football field working as a referee for high school games. He and his wife Janie live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where he studies English literature at The University of Tulsa.