Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaNoWriMo Spotlight: Nicole Wells

November! My favorite month of every year! Actually, I like to cross out the word "November" on my calendar and replace it with "NaNoWriMo!" Because that's really what it is to me. So, while I'm writing away this month, I thought I'd spotlight a bunch of other authors who have joined me for this thirty-day trek of awesome craziness! People from all over the world participate in NaNoWriMo, and one of my favorite things about it is meeting authors from all different places and backgrounds, so follow my blog throughout November to meet some fantastic writers!

For today's author, please welcome Nicole Wells! I first met Nicole during last year's NaNoWriMo and we had a blast! We've become good friends, and she even beta read my first published book, Through the Paper Wall.

Have you participated in NaNaNoWriMo before? If so, how many years? Have you won? 
2013 will be my second year in Nano and I won last year! This is your chance to tell us a bit about your Nano experience. Are you new and nervous? Are you wanting to be published, or just playing for fun? Seasoned and ready? Tell us! 
I am a bit nervous about this year as I am now working and am enrolled in school for the month of November. I am already looking forward to Thanksgiving break so I can get a good chunk of writing done. This novel is one I would love to get published. Last years was a very long fanfiction. I have begun planning out what I would like to happen in the novel, and getting to know my main characters. Though, knowing my writing style, I will probably divert from the plan into the second chapter. How did you find out about NaNo and why did you decide to do it? I found out about NaNo through a friend who also writes, and said I should at least try it. It took me two years after she said that for me to actually do it. I decided to participate to try my hand at writing and see if I was any good at the writing thing. What type of story do you plan on writing this year, and what have you done in the past? 
This year will be a mystery/ adventure novel in which the mystery dates back to the Civil War era. In the past I have written fanfictions mostly.
For seasoned participants: what advice would you give?
Advice would be to have as much fun as you can. Go to write ins, participate in the Facebook group, stock up on your snack cupboard before it starts, and just go with the flow. You can always edit the novel after the month is over. Where are you from and what is your age/age group?
From Charleston, SC and am 22. Tell us one thing that is totally unique to you. What makes you different?
One unique thing? Only one? I am a huge fangirl of what would be characterized as nerdy things. Currently most in love with the Marvel universe and all it has to offer. Also, I tend to write a character that is basically me, into each story that I write. They are never a main character, but usually appear in a scene or two. It is like my own personal cameo. What is something you’ve learned about writing from your favorite author? One of my favourite writing tips is from F. Scott Fitzgerald: "You must begin by making notes. You may have to make notes for years…. When you think of something, when you recall something, put it where it belongs. Put it down when you think of it. You may never recapture it quite as vividly the second time."

It's been great to get to know you Nicole! Good luck with your novel, it sounds great!

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