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"Breaking Point," by Dana Ellington Myles

Yesterday you were introduced to Dana Ellington Myles. Now here's some information about here latest book, where you can get all of her books, and how she went about the publishing process. 

Synopsis for Breaking Point
Jr. is the only son. His father’s push for perfection turns Jr.’s coping mechanism into a deadly obsession.

Eddie is used to getting his way with the ladies, by charm or by force. But, finding the one woman who seems resistant to his usual tactics forces him to extremes.

Mike, forever the strong, stoic type, became a police officer to be the “hero”, the “knight in shining armor.” When his sister’s brutal murder remains unsolved, it’s just a matter of time before he starts to unravel.

Caitlyn believed she had everything under control. This last attempt on her life is the game changer. Her carefully constructed façade crumbles at her feet, taking her along with it.

These four lives weave together in this single tale of what happens when one is taken to the very limits of their control, sometimes there’s just no picking up the pieces once the Breaking Point has been reached.

Who is your publisher, and would you recommend them?
I publish with my own company, Nowata Press (  I’d love to start taking on other independent authors and help them produce their works of art. We offer a la carte services as well as publishing packages.

Did you design your own cover, or have someone else help?
My first three books feature cover designs that I produced.  This time around though, I comissioned a cover from a professional graphic designer / photographer.  It is so true what they say about books and their covers – the more professional and eye catching the cover, the better.

What format(s) is your book available in?
All three books are available in various digital formats through Smashwords ( and Amazon (  And for those who prefer a physical book, I have paperbacks available direct from me via my website,

When was your book released?
I’m working to get my latest book, Breaking Point, released by March 31, 2013.  I’m in the final stages of editing; it’s looking really good.

What genre does your book fit into?
Breaking Point is a bit of a thriller in that there are several suspenseful events in the lead character’s life.  But ultimately, it’s Chick Lit all the way.

Where can people go to learn more about you and your work?
Twitter and Facebook: SatinSheetDiva

Author Bio

"Since the age of seven, I cannot remember when the written word was not a part of my life. I didn’t consider myself a writer though, despite having excelled in writing at school, or having kept a journal since I was fifteen. It wouldn’t be until my late twenties when I made the connection that I’d been writing for almost as long as I’d been reading, thus I felt it was okay to admit, I was a writer. From there it wasn’t long before I knew I was destined to wow the world with my short stories, novellas and novels."

I don't know about the rest of you, but I look forward to the release of Breaking Point. Keep your eyes peeled for this great story! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Author Interview: Dana Ellington Myles

Hi there everybody! First off I want to apologize that the word verification for comments has been turned back on due to numerous spammy comments. Sad day! I hope you will all still comment though, because I love to know that people are reading!

Today I want to introduce you to Dana Ellington Miles! Hi Dana, and thanks for joining us today! To start off, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Since the age of seven, I cannot remember when the written word was not a part of my life. I didn’t consider myself a writer though, despite having excelled in writing at school, or having kept a journal since I was fifteen. It wouldn’t be until my late twenties when I made the connection that I’d been writing for almost as long as I’d been reading, thus I felt it was okay to admit, I was a writer. From there it wasn’t long before I knew I was destined to wow the world with my short stories, novellas and novels.  At the time of this writing, I have three books in print. I didn’t go through a vanity press, or spend the days sending query after query to publishers and literary agents. Instead, I did everything except the printing and binding; from book cover design, to buying my own ISBN and building my own website. I found a book manufacturer close to home who took my manuscripts and turned them into printed and bound masterpieces.  I continue to write and self-publish, looking forward to the day when I write novels for a living.

So interesting! Thanks for all that info about your publishing route. Why do you think someone like your books?

They’re entertaining, and great if you’re looking for light reading to fill in any down time in a busy schedule.

What made you decide to be a writer, and when was that?

I was born a writer.  I made the conscious decision to pursue it as a career in 2008.

How old were you when you finished your first book?

I was 38 years old.

How long did it take you to write it?

Many, many years as my first book was a collection of short stories and such I’d had written over a span of 10 years.

Do you have any published works?

I have three published books (both print and e-version); I had columns published in a community newspaper several years ago, and I have a short story in an e-book currently on sale.

Have you ever participated in NaNoWriMo? If so, how many times?

I’ve made the attempt at least five years.

That's great that you've kept on trying even if you didn't win. I love that! What do you do to keep yourself going when you aren’t motivated?

Not a thing.  It’s rare that I don’t want to write so when I don’t feel like it, I take it as a sign that my muse wants us to rest.  At those times, I keep busy doing other things I enjoy.

Definitely some great advice. What do you like to read?

My first love was horror; I was a Stephen King fanatic.  I’d sprinkle in a little Edgar Allen Poe, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, or Peter Straub, but for the most part, if there were ghosts, demons, or some other supernatural entity, I was there. But then, I got turned onto Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, and Kim Harrison.  So now, I’m a monster romance, horror, mystery fan.

Are there particular writers that you admire?
I’m a fan, even though I don’t read them much, of writers from the 1800s.  I know, it’s weird, but the turns of phrase, the lyrical ways they put words together; the lush descriptions of settings.  I think the English language has devolved considerably so it’s refreshing to read Mary Shelley, Jane Austin...I’m enjoying The Complete Sherlock Holmes right now and Sir Author Conan Doyle has renewed my love of the language. 

I am also a fan of older English, especially in Jane Austin's books. What have you learned about writing from reading the books that you love?

First and foremost, I’ve learned how lazy I’ve been with my vocabulary.  I need to increase my knowledge of words so I can begin to vary and enrich my word choice when I write.  In doing so, I think my overall story telling will become better because I’ll be more able to bring a scene to life yet still remain succinct and clear.

If there was one author you could meet with and learn from one on one, who would you choose?

That’s a tough one.  From the authors I enjoy who are living, I’d chose Dr. Maya Angelou.  Man, to be seated at her feet just listening to her advice would be a most awesome experience.  From the dead authors, any of the women authors from the 19th Century.  Would love to get their perspective on what is was like finding any type of success in an era and a field that was so opressive.

A very interesting choice! What advice would you give to other aspiring writers?

WRITE.  Put words to page as often as you can.  Next, never settle – keep striving to perfect your craft.

Any advice for the editing process?

Don’t take it lightly.  Editing is so crucial to showing you are a conscientious writer and care about your readers. 

If you could do everything over (writing your book, or publishing, etc.) would you change anything?

I’d take my own advice about editing.  My first self-publishing effort was not my best (laugh).  I didn’t have anyone read my work before I sent it off to the printer and I had given it a cursory look over myself.  You always need fresh eyes.  I got the proof from the printer, did the dance of joy, and promptly ordered fifty copies.  Sold ‘em all too.  THEN went back and looked at the proof.  It was ugly. 

Is there anything particularly helpful you have found as you have written/edited/published?

The indie writing community has been invaluable; I’ve met so many key people by networking with this huge group of folks – utilize the social networks to find the many groups out there.

Fantastic idea! I've experienced the same thing. Now for some more general questions: I always have to ask this, just for fun! What did you want to be when you were little?

A vampire.  Seriously, I wanted to be an immortal, blood sucker.  Mind you, I saw myself as being cool, and you know, powerful.  I was only going to feed on bad guys so I guess you could have considered me a Vampire Bat Woman. (eh, eh?  see what I did there?  Not so funny, huh.  Sorry.  Ahem)

So awesome! Secretly, I wanted to be Peter Pan ;) Do you plan on being a fulltime writer, or do you have other career plans?

That’s the plan – being able to leave the world of the corporate rat race behind and live comfortably, trotting the globe and writing novels for a living.

Gosh, that sounds fantastic doesn't it? That's what I'm aiming for as well. How long have you been writing?

It seems as if I’ve been doing it forever, but the reality is more like twenty years.

What do you write? Specific genres, ages groups, etc.

I made up my own genre.  I call what I write, Transformative Fiction for Women.  The more popular genre would be, Chick Lit.  There’s a little romance tossed in for fun, but mostly, I write fiction for women ages 18 to ancient; I want my fiction to leave women feeling empowered; it’s all about raising self-esteem.

Why that particular genre/age group?

It’s where I am in my life and since my writing is just a reflection of what’s going on in my life, here we are.

Ebook, paperback, or hardcover?

So far, just e-book and paperback.  I’m self-published so have to go with what I can afford and right about now, hardbacks are a touch outside my budget.  (smile)

What are you currently working on?

I’m finishing up edits on my second full length novel. I am in the beginning stages of pulling together another short story collection, and I have three novels on the hard drive in various stages of outline and initial scene drafting.

What makes your writing unique?

I’d like to believe my themes set me apart as well as the fact that I don’t write in any particular genre.  I hope my writing is universal and appealing to a wide variety of readers who enjoy fiction involving female leads.

Do have any writing rituals? Treats you have to have, places you have to be, etc.?

Nope.  Pretty much wherever, whenever, if I’m struck with inspiration, I write.

What are some of your hobbies besides writing and reading?

I love 3-D puzzles, going to movies, and spending time with good friends, just hanging out.

Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what do you listen to?

I listen to music or I’ll have the TV on, or I’ll sit in silence.  It really doesn’t matter whether I have background noise or not.  When my muse commands me to write, I write.

It has been so great to have you here today Dana! Thanks for your time! Finally, where can people go to learn more about you and your work? and Satin Sheet Diva on Facebook.

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Series Review: The Unicorn Chronicles

Since you all obviously know, thanks to yesterday's post, that I love Bruce Coville's work, I figured that today would be a good time to tell you why! For my book review today I want to tell you about Bruce Coville's series, The Unicorn Chronicles. If there is a series that affected me more than any other when I was growing up, it is this one. I even remember the day I first discovered them at the library. I was perusing the shelves and one particular book caught my eye. The cover featured a young girl with long red hair, just like me, and next to her was a gorgeous unicorn. I picked up the book and was rather distrought when I discovered that the book was book two in a series and book one wasn't at that library. Gosh though, was it worth the wait to get the first book! This series instantly captured my love and imagination and I still read them today. Luckily for you, the series is complete now. There was a freaking ten year gap in between books two and three and I seriously thought I was going to die!

Luckily though, books three and four appeared, and I am happy to note that there are also two short stories available that involved the world of Luster and the characters from The Unicorn Chronicles. I bought them yesterday and I am absolutely freaking out to read them. You'd think I was a twelve-year-old girl again! With that said, these books are not only for twelve years olds, nor are they only for girls. Bruce Coville has such a way with crafting a story that it is breathtaking and anyone who loves children't literature, a.k.a. juvenile fiction, and/or fantasy, will love this series. I think Coville's outstanding number of published books as well as the success of those books testifies to his abilities.

In my post yesterday I also mentioned Coville's company Full Cast Audio. The books in this series are narrated by that company, and let me just tell you, they are stunning! If you are an audiobook fan, then run out and grab yourself a copy of these books! I currently own the paperbacks and audiobooks of books one and two, and I should really get going on the last two books. I think what has held me back is that they redesigned the covers when book three finally arrived, and I prefer the old ones, but the stories are still incredible.

If there is one thing I really want to say about this series, it is that Bruce Coville created this world of unicorns, and he went into such depth into the lives of unicorns that I have always pictured unicorns that way. That ended up being a sort of problem when I wanted to include unicorns in one of my own books as I quickly realized that I wanted them to be as he has described, but his portrayal is so fantastic that I don't really care. 

So, of course we want pictures, right? So, here are the old covers, the ones that grabbed my attention about ten years ago when I was a child:

And here is what they look like now:


So, in all seriousness, you should run out there and get yourself copies of ALL these books, including the two new short stories, which you can find on Amazon or and then you should rush back here and tell me how much you love them :)

- Heidi Nicole Bird

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Dream Project Blog Hop

Hi Everybody! Last week was certainly a challenge, and I am very grateful to be back into my normal life today! On Friday I was supposed to participate in the "Dream Project Blog Hop," and even though I am late, I still wanted to post my answers, since this blog hop is such a fun one! Not quite the tips I usually give on Mondays, but it should be fun anyway! The person for the day after me, who I was supposed to tag, was Martin Crosbie, so check out his blog here! The real poster for today is Kevin Brown, so check out his answers, and for tomorrow's post head over to Shelia Lytle's blog! Thanks to Cody Martin for inviting me to participate in this blog hop! Now, onto the questions!


Writing is largely solitary, and sometimes a lonely endeavor. Sure, you talk to friends, experts for research, discuss what works and what doesn't with your editor, and bounce ideas off of fellow writers. But in the end it's one person pounding the keyboard or twirling the pencil. But what if it didn't have to be completely alone? Who would YOU work with if you could work with anyone on your favorite project?

In this post, that's what I'm asking. Choose a person for each category and tell why you want to work with them. If you want, feel free to post their picture, a piece of their work, or a link to something about them. The only rule is that the person must still be alive.

Writers dream. Now it's time to dream BIG.

You have the opportunity to hire anybody as your cover artist. If you write children's books or books that are heavily illustrated, who would you get for the interior artwork?

I recently came across Ravven, a book cover artist, but I would also be so interested in having her do the interior artwork for my book. I am a very visual person, and I try to describe things as well as I can for the reader, but I also love when books include illustrations that better show the reader what the author had in mind. Illustrations would have come in handy for my recently released book Through the Paper Wall and I would have loved to see what Ravven would have done! Her artwork is fantastic. 

Who would you co-write your next novel with? What genre? Why?

I would absolutely love to co-write a juvenile fiction fantasy novel with Bruce Coville. He is one writer that I have looked up to since I was a child, and I still love his work. I have forever been fascinated by his ability to create an incredible story, and I would just about die if I had the chance to write with him!

Your publisher wants to do an audiobook version of your novel and they're not sparing any expense. Who do you think can narrate your masterpiece?

I am a huge lover of audiobooks as they greatly shaped my childhood and I continue to listen to them today. While I have fallen in love with some particular narrators, I am particularly, and ridiculously fond of Full Cast Audio, a company created by Bruce Coville - see, there he is again! I really love this guy. Instead of having one person narrate the entire book, Full Cast Audio is exactly what it says - a full cast of actors interpreting your book for all to hear. Each character has their own voice, which makes the books come to life even more. I would be giddier than a child on Christmas for the rest of my life if I could have my book recorded by them. 

They're really going all out! Your novel is getting a full soundtrack. Who should compose it? If your novel uses a lot of songs, list your compilation here.

Wow, how cool would that be! Let's see . . . for a children's fantasy, I think I would prefer the soundtrack to be composed by Hans Zimmer or James Horner. Heck, let's make it a collaboration!

Congratulations! Your novel is being turned into a major motion picture. As the creator of the original work, you get to pick the director.

Gosh, what an honor! If Through the Paper Wall were to be made into a motion picture I would love for Shawn Levy to be the director. I have long been impressed with his work on Night at the Museum and I would love to see such stellar direction given to my story. 

The director has some ideas on who to cast, but you get to cast one character. What role/character is it and who portrays them?

I totally thought about this while I was writing my book! If I could choose one actor to portrait one of my characters I would, hands down, have Samantha Barks play Renna. In a way the character of Renna, at least her appearance, is based off of how Samantha Barks portrays the character Eponine. Gosh . . . she would just be perfect! 

You've been hired to write a novel based on a preexisting character or franchise from another medium. Which character or franchise is it?

Wow, hard question! Hmm . . . I'm going to go with Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter series - like anyone needs to be told that, haha. I would absolutely love to do this project based on Hermione, who I have long adored.

It's the anniversary of your favorite literary character's debut. You've been hired (yay, work!) to write an anniversary novel. Who is the literary character?

Cara, from the Unicorn Chronicles series, by, wait for it . . . Bruce Coville. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free Book and a Guest Book Review!

Hi everyone, and sorry I was MIA again yesterday. My family got some heart breaking news over the weekend, and I just wanted to let you know that I'll mostly likely not be around much this week because I will be traveling and attending a funeral. Hopefully I will only be gone Thursday.

Today I have a great guest book review for you, but first I wanted to remind you about the free book I talked about on Friday, because you should all go out and grab it:

FREE until the end of Feb: Talented, a YA Paranormal/Dystopian Romance by Sophie Davis

Download at:

Barnes & Noble-

Sophie Davis is also running a great month-long giveaway event and this week, on Thursday, ironically, two copies Kindles of my new book Through the Paper Wall will be available for you to win! I won't be around, so you will just have to remember and spread the word for me! Check out today's prize here. 

Alright, now onto today's book review from Tyne Alexandra Driemel:

Ages: Young Adult
Looking for a book with a unique perspective, interesting characters and a new premise I happily stumbled across Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Random Riggs. Part ghost story, part time travel, part magic and part mystery, Miss Peregrine's has a little something for everyone.
When a tragedy befalls the family of 16 year old Jacob, he travels to a remote area of Wales to find the answers he's been seeking. What happens to him while he's there is nothing short of a true adventure. With quick prose and vivid imagery Riggs paints a charming, yet creepy picture of the confused teen's summer.
Definitely not for the faint of heart, Rigg's tale is more dark than would be expected from a children's novel, but unexpectedly alluring at the same time. The drama and sincere emotion from the characters keep you interested in the storyline, the plot moves quickly and the ending is exactly how the first of a series should end, with jaw dropping suspense.
Rigg's creates an entire new genre, not quite classified as horror, not quite mystery, not quite children's but a witty, imaginative and chilling combination of all three. If you're looking for something new, something different with interesting perspectives and something a little more indie than the followings of Harry Potter and Twilight, Miss Peregine's might just be what you've been looking for.
4 solid stars out of 5.

-Tyne A. Driemel, 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Update and Talented's Free February!

Well here we are, another Friday! So, here's your weekly update! Obviously, since it is plastered all over this blog, Through the Paper Wall is now available! I am so stoked about it! Promotion of that book is in full swing, as is the Through the Paper Wall Blog Tour! While the book is available for Kindle and in paperback right now I am also working on getting it available for Nook and other e-readers. Stay tuned for that information!

Now that most of the craziness is done for Through the Paper Wall, I can get back to focusing on Ontario, which I am beyond thrilled about. Today I plan on working on the cover, and maybe even finalizing it! So exciting! I will also start editing some time this week too. At least that is the plan!

I am also excited to tell you that I will be getting back to writing! Wooh! Man, it's been way too long! Like, since, November 29th! See, way too long. As fun as all this editing and publishing stuff is, I am so glad to have time to get back to writing. I will be going back to my story Lorn and finishing that up. I'm guessing there's something like 10,000 words or so to write. Then, believe it or not, I'll be starting editing and publishing with that one too!

Lots of exciting things going on, that's for sure. I am really excited to have my first book out and to be working on two of my other stories, which frequently switch places being my favorite.

Oh, and before I forget, I wanted to tell you about all the free February goodies you can get from Sophie Davis! During the entire month of February Sophie is running a great event called "Fall in Love with Fabulous Giveaways." Every day you have the chance to win something great, so head on over to the Facebook event and check it out! Today's giveaway is books 1-10 of The Grimm Diaries Prequels, by Cameron Jace. Wow!

Also, you can get Sophie's book Talented for free this month from Smashwords and itunes. What are you waiting for, go get it! She is also giving away all sorts of great things. My book will be up for grabs on her site next week, so watch for your chance to get a free copy!

As always, thanks for all you do!

- Heidi Nicole Bird

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"Through the Paper Wall" Official Release!

Today is the day! Through the Paper Wall is now available in a whole lot of places! What an adventure this has been! I am so excited for you all to finally be able to read this story. It has been one heck of a wild ride, that's for sure. I wrote this story in a totally of twelve days in the month of November, and after a month and a half of solidly working on it, it is now available for you to read. I couldn't be happier with the results! Thank you all so much for your support and help, I couldn't done it without you! I hope you enjoy this new adventure I am not putting out into the world, and that when you read it you'll share your thoughts with me, and everyone else!

Not only is the book available, but today also kicks off a rockin' blog tour, hosted by so many of my gracious fellow writers! This post marks the beginning of what is sure to be a great ride. Each day I'll keep you up to date with where to go. On each of the participating blogs you can expect to find one, or more of these elements:

Author interviews
Excerpts from the book
Character bios
Guest posts by your's truly

There's even more in store, and I can't wait for you to follow along! So, the moment we have all been waiting are the links to Through the Paper Wall, in all their splendid glory! More formats will be available soon, including Nook. Again, thank you all so much, and happy reading!



CreateSpace Store
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Amazon France 

For information regarding signed paperback copies, contact me here:


So . . . I can't stand it anymore! Yeah, it's a day early, but guess what? Since you are all so amazing and good to me I wanted to let you know that "Through the Paper Wall" is available for Kindle NOW! Like, right this very minute! Run over and grab yourself a copy!

The "official" release date for my book is tomorrow, so watch for a post with all the awesome details about the paperback and everywhere else you can get the book, as well as the kick off of my "Through the Paper Wall" blog tour!

I can't wait to see what you all think of this story, and I am so humbled that it is actually available to you now! Thanks for following, and I'll see you tomorrow!

- Heidi Nicole Bird

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Colt," By Nancy Springer

Hi everybody, and sorry I accidentally skipped out on the tips yesterday! I'm short on time today as well as I'm wrapping up everything regarding the publishing of my book, but I just had to share this book with you today. I have adored this story for as long as I can remember, so much so that I clearly remember the first time I picked it up at the library. I was probably around twelve years old when I found the audio book and brought it home. I have always loved audio books, and I am in fact listening to this very story right now! This is such a touching story about a young boy and his love for horses and how they help him overcome his obstacles. If you love reading books about horses or characters who are handicapped, or just a good read in general, you will love this! Check it out!

Colt Vittorio has never run a race, or even walked down the street on his own. Colt has spina bifida, and sees the world from a wheelchair. Then his mother signs him up for a special riding program. "An excellent portrayal of a young person struggling with the emotional and social ramifications of a serious disease".--Booklist. An IRA Young Adult's Choice; Winner of the Joan Fassler Memorial Book Award.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weekly Update and Giveaway Winner!

Okay everybody, we are in the final battle! All the files are ready and I can't wait to release the info on how you can get your hands on copies of my book! Through the Paper Wall will be available in print and ebook formats Thursday, February 14th, unless, of course, something goes wrong, but I'm hoping that won't be the case!

To celebrate the big release several other writers have graciously agreed to host me over the next month or so and we've pulled together a really great blog tour! I can't wait for you all to participate and  help spread the word. One of the dates even includes a giveaway of two Kindle copies of my book, so make sure you follow along! Here's the schedule as it now stands:

Feb 14 Heidi Bird - Official Book Launch

Feb 15 Steven Ramirez - Guest Post

Feb 16 Nicole Wells

Feb 17 Caitlin Hensley - Interview

Feb 18 Bouchra Rabiai

Feb 19 Dominique Goodall

Feb 20 Lisa Wooley - Character Bio

Feb 21 Sophie Davis - GIVEAWAY!

Feb 22 Vici Doore

Feb 23 Jennifer Don

Feb 24 KR Hughes and TL Burns - Interview

Feb 25 Kim Mutch Emerson

Feb 26 Aurora Morealist

Feb 27 Allison Bruning

Feb 28 DeEtte Anderton - Interview

Mar 1 Cody Martin

Mar 2 Gabrielle Streck

Mar 3 Cathy Bennett Lascow

Mar 4 Marcy Rachel

It's all so exciting! You can easily follow along by joining the Facebook event. I am also working on setting up a book signing for any of you who are local. How cool is that? It's only been made possible by several of my fellow writers who have helped me out immensely. Do have the greatest friends, or what?

In other news, I am really looking forward to working with Ontario again and I have already started designing the cover. There are really lots of great things coming up, and I can't wait for you to play a part! And speaking of you, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word lately. Thanks to all you awesome people we've finally reached 300 likes on the Facebook page! In fact, we're over that! Yeah! I knew we could do it!

Since we've met our goal, it's time to announce the winner of the giveaway! All of you who shared the page link and told me about it have been entered, and a winner has been randomly selected. And that winner is . . . drum roll please . . .

KR Hughes and TL Burns of, or as the commented and shared on Facebook:! Thanks for sharing and helping my readership grow! You have won a chance to read the prologue to Ontario! Congratulations! All I need from you is an email address where I can send the file.

Even if you didn't win, thank you for your efforts, and don't forget to keep sharing and liking to get the word out! Thanks everybody! I am going to take a much needed weekend off! See you all next week!

- Heidi Nicole Bird

"Chasing The Sunrise," By Elyce Gobat

Hi everybody! I don't even remember how I happened to see Elyce Gobat's blog, but I'm so glad I did, because I am really excited about her new book. I can't wait to read it, and I knew it just needed to be shared! 

Growing up, Chase, Briar, and Blake were inseparable, a friendship meant to stand the test of time, but on the night of high school graduation, vicious fights and an ultimatum ripped the group apart, and they went their separate ways.

Ten years later, Blake has blossomed in San Francisco. Briar, the former Greenpeace wannabe, has turned into a PR rep for the stars in the jungle of Manhattan, and Chase, ever the effortless charmer, has fallen into a cushy gig as a freelance business consultant. The world is a great place for all three without the others until, that is, Blake is left at the altar by his fiancée.

When Briar gets wind of Blake’s misfortune, she convinces an unwilling Chase to come to the rescue with her, and in a desperate attempt to cheer Blake up, they set out on the road trip they’d once planned as teenagers but never took. Along the way, they’ll rediscover why they were friends in the first place, and remember why exactly they stopped. Five days in a car is an awfully long time when ten year old issues surface with every turn of the road.

I know, right? Doesn't it sound fantastic? Here's how you can get your own copy!

Chasing the Sunrise is available for purchase at Amazon, Kindle, Createspace, Smashwords, Nook

To learn more about Elyce, head over here:
Elyce Gobat is a freelance writer by profession. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in the French language from the University of Arizona, she has worked in both China and France as well as traveled to over twenty countries in North America, Asia, and Europe. She raises and shows purebred rabbits competitively. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, speaking French, dabbling in Photoshop, baking, spending time with her rabbits, and learning useless facts. 


As always, here's some information from the author that you might find helpful: 

Who is your publisher, and would you recommend them?

I publish through Createspace, a company owned by Amazon. This is my second time using Createspace (the last time was four years ago) and the process has significantly improved with online proof review as well as being able to view your manuscript before submitting it for review. This second time around was a lot smoother than the first for me as a self-published author. For self-publishing, I would definitely recommend them due to cost-effectiveness and the ability to have complete control over publishing.

Did you design your own cover, or have someone else help?

I did design my own cover, with the help of my friend, Kate, who helped with the coloring and design aesthetics. The photographs are my own, taken at sunrise on Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona.

What format(s) is your book available in?

Chasing the Sunrise is available in paperback as well as ebook format for most digital platforms.

When was your book released?

Chasing the Sunrise was released officially on January 25, 2013

What genre does your book fit into?

Contemporary fiction, for ages 18-35

Where can people go to learn more about you and your work?

To learn more about my novels, both Chasing the Sunrise and The Cereal Song (released 2009) or my work as a freelance writer, check out my website ( or follow me on twitter (@ElyceWrites) or “like” me on Facebook (

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Victory, by DeEtte Beckstead

Today I'd like to showcase a book by one of my good friends and fellow authors, DeEtte Beckstead. First we'll start off with the synopsis, and then we'll tell you a bit about the book itself!

"Victory, a town where the people love their country and their neighbors, but what happens when two visitors come to town? One comes with fear and control, slowly taking away the freedoms the people love. The other comes with faith. When darkness overtakes the town who will have Victory?"

Why would someone like your book? 
People who love their freedom and faith would enjoy Victory. It's a story about an 8 year old orphan and the town she lives in with her distant cousin. It's a story of faith, freedom, forgiveness, and redemption. Victory is a town where the people love their country and their neighbors in spite of their differences, but something happens when two visitors come to town. One comes with fear and control, slowly taking away the freedoms the people love. The other comes with faith. When darkness overtakes the town and even the child's very life is threatened, who will have Victory?

How old were you when you wrote your book? 
The age I am now less 5 years and 3 months! :)

How long did it take you to write it? 
The actual writing of Victory took 30 days since it was my NaNoWriMo project. I let it sit on my computer until January 2012 when my long-time friend (and now publisher) Kim Emerson told me I should publish it. It was then the editing and reworking began.

Did anything in particular inspire anything in your book, or anything you have written? 
Some of the incidents in Victory were inspired by events in my own life, or in the lives of others I have known. Others are dreams I have had and would like to see realized. The town itself was modeled after a small, rural town my youngest daughter and I lived in for a few years, and the attitudes and naiveté in the town in my book were influenced by some of the locals.

In my WIP, From Tinker to Belle, From Worthless to Priceless, the entire story was inspired by BelleKyra Joy, whose story it is. I could write a book on how she influenced it! LOL! 

To grab your own copy of this great story, head over to this link!

DeEtte will be returning to my blog for an interview, and to showcase her other book, but in the meantime you can learn more about her by visiting her author page on Amazon:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book Review: Canyons, by Gary Paulson

Today I want to share with you a book that made a deep impression on my mind from the very first time I read it. I was only twelve years old at the time, and it has always occupied a special place in my heart and mind since then. This book is truly incredible and I am still fascinated by it. The story is so original and interesting and it will surely pull you in if you like adventure, mystery, books about anything related to Native Americans, general juvenile fiction, Gary Paulson, or several other topics. I really can't say enough to praise this book. I just put it on hold at the library so I can go out and read it again, and some day I know this book will be a part of my personal library. I honestly can't remember the last time I read it. Maybe I haven't read it since I was twelve, which would be eleven years ago, but I still remember the impression it left.

Two boys, separated by the canyons of time and two vastly different cultures, face the challenges by which they will become men. Coyote Runs, an Apache boy, takes part in his first raid. But he is to be a man for only a short time. More than a hundred years later, while camping near Dog Canyon, 15-year-old Brennan Cole becomes obsessed with a skull that he finds, pierced by a bullet. He learns that it is the skull of an Apache boy executed by soldiers in 1864. A mystical link joins Brennan and Coyote Runs, and Brennan knows that neither boy will find peace until Coyote Runs' skull is carried back to an ancient sacred place. In a grueling journey through the canyon to return the skull, Brennan confronts the challenge of his life.

Again, I simply can't praise this book enough. The synopsis doesn't even do it justice. It's a mix of just about everything, including mystery, history, and even a bit of fantasy that will keep you reading. It's not a long story, but definitely one that is worth reading.

Have you read this book? Do you want to? I'd love to hear about it!

- Heidi Nicole Bird

Monday, February 4, 2013

Write What You Love

Before I get to my advice for you today, I'd like to apologize for suddenly going AWAL in Friday! I don't know what happened, but I didn't even realize I had failed to update you until Saturday night! Gosh, sorry guys! There's not a ton to share, but it's some important stuff, so I'll fill you in real quick.

I have now received my final proofread copy of Through the Paper Wall and I'll be going over it today, hopefully finalizing the manuscript! So exciting! I can't wait to move on with the proof copy reading and such. It just hit me last night that my book is being published NEXT WEEK! Woohoo! Wow! I kinda can't believe it, to tell you the truth. I am really, very excited. I am currently working on my marketing plan and organizing a blog tour and potentially a launch party. Another development, thanks to several of my fellow writers, may provide me with a chance to do a book signing. That would be incredible! I'll keep you posted on that. And finally, you should all know about the publisher for Ontario. After a long and hard argument with myself, I turned the publisher down. It was a difficult decision, but I stand with what I decided and I know it was the right thing for what I want to do. I am incredibly honored to have been offered a contract, but I am also grateful that I stuck to my feelings, because now I will be able to publish the way that I want to. In other words, I will be able to achieve the specific goals that I set for my books. This means, that as soon as Through the Paper Wall is launched, Ontario will be coming at you pretty darn fast. I am so excited for this you can't even imagine!  

Alright, now that you are caught up, I want to share with you some advice that might sound like a "duh" moment, but needs to be listened to: write what you love, so you'll love what you write. Sounds easy right? You'd be surprised though how often I hear writers grumble because they are working on a story or genre that they don't even like. Either the story has gone in a direction they didn't intend, or they are trying a new genre, or writing for something specific, like a contest. When you write things you don't enjoy, that defeats the purpose of writing, in my opinion. If it is for work, that's another matter, of course, but in writing your stories, stick to what you love. If you hate writing the book, chances are that will show through and your readers are going to end up hating it too. Writing takes a lot of time and energy. Don't waste yourself trudging through your book! If you need to, stop, and take over your story. While I am one to go with the flow, sometimes it just needs to be done to save both the story and your sanity.

Take a minute and think about your current projects, or even the ones that you have planned. Do you enjoy writing them? Do you look forward to spending hours with them every day? Or do you dread walking over and opening the file? I don't think you should ever delete something you have written, but if you get to a point where you hate something, by all means stop! File it away, and work on something else, and maybe some day you'll come back to that hated one, to continue, or reshape it. Either way, a writer's time is precious, what with the hundreds of books that are released daily, and you can't afford to hate the story you are telling. Plus, when it comes time to edit, you'll have to read that sucker over and over! Stick to your guns, and write what you enjoy, because then you will enjoy what you write.

- Heidi Nicole Bird