Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Chasing The Sunrise," By Elyce Gobat

Hi everybody! I don't even remember how I happened to see Elyce Gobat's blog, but I'm so glad I did, because I am really excited about her new book. I can't wait to read it, and I knew it just needed to be shared! 

Growing up, Chase, Briar, and Blake were inseparable, a friendship meant to stand the test of time, but on the night of high school graduation, vicious fights and an ultimatum ripped the group apart, and they went their separate ways.

Ten years later, Blake has blossomed in San Francisco. Briar, the former Greenpeace wannabe, has turned into a PR rep for the stars in the jungle of Manhattan, and Chase, ever the effortless charmer, has fallen into a cushy gig as a freelance business consultant. The world is a great place for all three without the others until, that is, Blake is left at the altar by his fiancée.

When Briar gets wind of Blake’s misfortune, she convinces an unwilling Chase to come to the rescue with her, and in a desperate attempt to cheer Blake up, they set out on the road trip they’d once planned as teenagers but never took. Along the way, they’ll rediscover why they were friends in the first place, and remember why exactly they stopped. Five days in a car is an awfully long time when ten year old issues surface with every turn of the road.

I know, right? Doesn't it sound fantastic? Here's how you can get your own copy!

Chasing the Sunrise is available for purchase at Amazon, Kindle, Createspace, Smashwords, Nook

To learn more about Elyce, head over here:
Elyce Gobat is a freelance writer by profession. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in the French language from the University of Arizona, she has worked in both China and France as well as traveled to over twenty countries in North America, Asia, and Europe. She raises and shows purebred rabbits competitively. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, speaking French, dabbling in Photoshop, baking, spending time with her rabbits, and learning useless facts. 


As always, here's some information from the author that you might find helpful: 

Who is your publisher, and would you recommend them?

I publish through Createspace, a company owned by Amazon. This is my second time using Createspace (the last time was four years ago) and the process has significantly improved with online proof review as well as being able to view your manuscript before submitting it for review. This second time around was a lot smoother than the first for me as a self-published author. For self-publishing, I would definitely recommend them due to cost-effectiveness and the ability to have complete control over publishing.

Did you design your own cover, or have someone else help?

I did design my own cover, with the help of my friend, Kate, who helped with the coloring and design aesthetics. The photographs are my own, taken at sunrise on Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona.

What format(s) is your book available in?

Chasing the Sunrise is available in paperback as well as ebook format for most digital platforms.

When was your book released?

Chasing the Sunrise was released officially on January 25, 2013

What genre does your book fit into?

Contemporary fiction, for ages 18-35

Where can people go to learn more about you and your work?

To learn more about my novels, both Chasing the Sunrise and The Cereal Song (released 2009) or my work as a freelance writer, check out my website ( or follow me on twitter (@ElyceWrites) or “like” me on Facebook (

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