Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Breaking Point," by Dana Ellington Myles

Yesterday you were introduced to Dana Ellington Myles. Now here's some information about here latest book, where you can get all of her books, and how she went about the publishing process. 

Synopsis for Breaking Point
Jr. is the only son. His father’s push for perfection turns Jr.’s coping mechanism into a deadly obsession.

Eddie is used to getting his way with the ladies, by charm or by force. But, finding the one woman who seems resistant to his usual tactics forces him to extremes.

Mike, forever the strong, stoic type, became a police officer to be the “hero”, the “knight in shining armor.” When his sister’s brutal murder remains unsolved, it’s just a matter of time before he starts to unravel.

Caitlyn believed she had everything under control. This last attempt on her life is the game changer. Her carefully constructed fa├žade crumbles at her feet, taking her along with it.

These four lives weave together in this single tale of what happens when one is taken to the very limits of their control, sometimes there’s just no picking up the pieces once the Breaking Point has been reached.

Who is your publisher, and would you recommend them?
I publish with my own company, Nowata Press (  I’d love to start taking on other independent authors and help them produce their works of art. We offer a la carte services as well as publishing packages.

Did you design your own cover, or have someone else help?
My first three books feature cover designs that I produced.  This time around though, I comissioned a cover from a professional graphic designer / photographer.  It is so true what they say about books and their covers – the more professional and eye catching the cover, the better.

What format(s) is your book available in?
All three books are available in various digital formats through Smashwords ( and Amazon (  And for those who prefer a physical book, I have paperbacks available direct from me via my website,

When was your book released?
I’m working to get my latest book, Breaking Point, released by March 31, 2013.  I’m in the final stages of editing; it’s looking really good.

What genre does your book fit into?
Breaking Point is a bit of a thriller in that there are several suspenseful events in the lead character’s life.  But ultimately, it’s Chick Lit all the way.

Where can people go to learn more about you and your work?
Twitter and Facebook: SatinSheetDiva

Author Bio

"Since the age of seven, I cannot remember when the written word was not a part of my life. I didn’t consider myself a writer though, despite having excelled in writing at school, or having kept a journal since I was fifteen. It wouldn’t be until my late twenties when I made the connection that I’d been writing for almost as long as I’d been reading, thus I felt it was okay to admit, I was a writer. From there it wasn’t long before I knew I was destined to wow the world with my short stories, novellas and novels."

I don't know about the rest of you, but I look forward to the release of Breaking Point. Keep your eyes peeled for this great story! 

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