Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Colt," By Nancy Springer

Hi everybody, and sorry I accidentally skipped out on the tips yesterday! I'm short on time today as well as I'm wrapping up everything regarding the publishing of my book, but I just had to share this book with you today. I have adored this story for as long as I can remember, so much so that I clearly remember the first time I picked it up at the library. I was probably around twelve years old when I found the audio book and brought it home. I have always loved audio books, and I am in fact listening to this very story right now! This is such a touching story about a young boy and his love for horses and how they help him overcome his obstacles. If you love reading books about horses or characters who are handicapped, or just a good read in general, you will love this! Check it out!

Colt Vittorio has never run a race, or even walked down the street on his own. Colt has spina bifida, and sees the world from a wheelchair. Then his mother signs him up for a special riding program. "An excellent portrayal of a young person struggling with the emotional and social ramifications of a serious disease".--Booklist. An IRA Young Adult's Choice; Winner of the Joan Fassler Memorial Book Award.

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