Thursday, February 23, 2012

Impending Death for Independent Bookstores

Hey there everyone! I feel like it has been something like FOREVER since I've written! See, there was this holiday and I went out of town for four days, and ever since I came back I've been studying like a crazy person for my two midterms tomorrow. Luckily one of my classes doesn't have one (my teacher rocks!) and my other one is a take-home exam that is open book - sweet! So, tomorrow I'll be taking two exams, one of which I have to study like heck for, and the other I am actually excited for because I am sort of an expert in that topic. So, I'm not too terribly worried, and I'm feeling pretty good about my "scary" midterm, but I've got to get back to studying. I just wanted to say hi to everyone!

Even though I'm short on time I wanted to let you all know about a new Facebook group that was formed by one of my friends. It's called Amazon Loves Independent Bookstores and is an effort to "petition" Amazon to support independent bookstores. So many of us love these places and would be perfectly content to stay in one for the rest of our lives. We want to show Amazon that there is still a group of people who want to be able to hold and buy and search for actual books in person, not just online, and not just on Kindle. As much as I love Kindle (and want one) and buying online, I just can't imagine how dull life would be without actual bookstores.

So, I hope you will join and share this group as we try to move this thing forward and bring it to Amazon's attention! Let me know what you think about the subject. Have you moved on to electronic books and internet buying altogether? Or do you avoid them all together? Are you a mix like I am? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I am a mix. I have owned a Kindle for a long time and I love it, but I still have some first edition and collectable books I cherish. I also collect coffee table books. Here in Sacramento we are lucky to have quite a few thriving independent book stores.

    1. That's great that you still have so many around! I don't know of many left in Salt Lake City, though I do know of some. I really like the idea of having a Kindle so I can buy books by my fellow writers who publish using Kindle, and also for when I'm on the go, but I'll never grow tired of filling my bookshelves and sitting down to read an actual book :)

    2. Agreed! Also, you don't want to use a Kindle when flying. You can't read during the whole ascent and descent and it's a huge pain in the rump. Real books are definitely a flying necessity.

    3. I don't fly very often, so I hadn't even thought of that, but you're right!