Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In the Beginning

Ok, so I've decided that I've been waiting around for far too long to actually do this, so *deep breath* ... "Hello to the random public writing blog I've wanted to create for a really long time!" And by random, I mean really random, so watch out! You never know what may show up. I tend to come up with some interesting things while I'm just thinking. Or writing. Or both.

So, by way of explanation here is what I expect this blog to be:

  • Random thoughts that let you into my own personal objection to living in reality
  • Writing projects I'm working on 
  • Some place to vent when I'm annoyed or when I'm not coming up with fabulous ideas for my novels
  • Yet another thing to do instead of homework and the other things I should be doing
  • A place to hear from, and maybe even inspire, other writers
  • Anything else I decide it should be!

I hope you'll follow along, wanting to see what happens next. I know I will be!

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