Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fighting for Breath

OK guys, wow, I feel super beyond lame! I feel like I've fallen off the back of the truck. Got dumped on the road. Really, I feel like a fish who was having just so much fun in the ocean that it didn't realize how close it was to the beach and inadvertently flopped right out and is now gasping for breath and trying to get back to the water. Yep, that sounds about right. Remember my last post, how I basically said the same thing and that I was going to get back into the swing of things? Yeah, hasn't really happened. EXCEPT! I did officially start Script Frenzy. That being said, I have only written about six pages, and it is already the fifth of April. Not off to such a hot start. I've found that I really love script writing, but that it is DANG different than writing a novel and that I am nowhere near as good at it. Even so, I am going to persist! I will push through! I am super mega determined to get back into my writing groove. I was seriously in a great one before I got off track. The book I stopped writing is seriously, in my opinion, the best I have ever written, and it is about time I got back to it. I miss my characters! Hopefully they miss me.

SO, this time, FOR REAL, I'm jumping back in. The very second, OK maybe minute, that I post this, I am going to go back to writing. Probably working on my script. Hopefully the rest of you are in a better state than I am. If you are, what are you working on right now? If you aren't, hey let's find our way back to the water together!

- Heidi Nicole Bird


  1. Good luck! I know Script Frenzy like NaNo is a crazy month! Keep breathing and plugging at it! I'll bet you make it!

  2. Thanks! I have finals and graduation, but hopefully it will work out! I did write more today, so it's so good so far!