Thursday, June 7, 2012

For Real

Ok people, I have returned to put you at ease. No, I have not died, I am still here and pumpin! And this time I intend to be back, FOR REAL!!! Crazy, I know, but lately I have been so gung-ho about writing there's just not much to do about it. I have created three more blogs about other things that I love to research/write about and I am determined to keep up on this one as well! I have also started to write in other places online, and I will also be getting back into my novel writing. Woohoo!!! My goal is to finish my current project and get going on making a second, MUCH more polished version of my first book. Here's to posting, writing, and editing! I hope the rest of you haven't been slacking like I have been, because it really isn't fun. Let's do this thing!

-Heidi Nicole Bird

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