Friday, November 9, 2012

Back in the Game

Hey there people, just wanted to give you a quick update on how things are going Nano-wise! I am officially back in the game! Yesterday I was ready to smack my writer's block in the face, and somehow I succeeded! A part of this may be that I finally turned on my writing music (Owl City) for the first time this Nano season. DUH! Why hadn't I don'e that earlier! I have no idea. It really is very strange of me. Anyway, once I turned it on I pulled off a spectacular 7000 word day! Woohoo! It is about freaking time!

Another reason why I think I've made it past my block was because for the first time ever I decided that I am going to force the story to go the way that I planned for it to go. This is also really weird for me, and I am hoping that the whole thing doesn't crash and burn at the end. So far things are going well though, so who knows? Now I am very much back on track and I actually know what to write! It is a glorious feeling.

Also, just an update on my previous novels. I have been waiting around for answers from some publishers regarding my novel entitled "Ontario," and it has reached the point where I could hear from them any day now. This is super exciting, right? I can't wait to hear back. One of the publishers I have already decided not to go with, so I am really just waiting on one. If that publisher declines my manuscript then I plan on self publishing, which I strongly believe in! In the meantime, I have randomly decided to send it in to one more publisher who responds very quickly, so wish me luck on that! We'll see what happens.

Sitting around at just over 20,000 words,

-Heidi Nicole Bird

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