Monday, November 5, 2012


Okay guys, here we are at the forefront of week two and I am already feeling like I don't want to write today. WHAT?!?! This isn't supposed to happen until week three, grrr. Maybe my day off of writing made too much of an impression on my brain waves. Or maybe I am slightly afraid because I have no idea what is going to happen next. Maybe it is also because I feel weird today. I think I am voting for a combination of the three.

I am really in a strange sort of place in my story right now - a place where I don't think I have ever been before. I don't usually worry about my stories if I don't know what is coming, but this time it is different. Depending on what happens next this could become a whole lot more difficult than I bargained for.

Fear not, though. As a seasoned NaNoWriMo veteran giving up is nowhere close to being on my agenda. I'll make it through today just like I have made it through so many other ones that cramped my style, even if that means writing an obscenely low amount of words.

For those of you who are writing for NaNoWriMo, or for something else entirely, how is your project going?

- Heidi Nicole Bird


  1. At 14,000 words and my main character just committed suicide. Or tried to. Not sure if he's going to live or not. This is troubling, though.

  2. Yesterday was the first time I didn't meet my word count goal, but I'm still ahead. I want to make it up today.

    I also have a blank as to where this story is going exactly, and I'm still in denial that my good guy is the bad guy. Maybe. My thoughts just suggested a new twist. Oh my goodness....I should write right now. :P