Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Interview and my Villain's Shopping List

I have a couple fun things for you today! First, I want to pass along this great interview with a fellow author of mine. Head on over to Linda Rae Blair's blog and get to know author Debra Shiveley Welch, writer of fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction. I hope you will check it out and look into the works of both Linda and Debra! Here's the link (click on the picture):

And for the other fun thing, yesterday in one of my writing groups we were playing a sort of game, listing the ten things our antagonist would buy if they went shopping. My good friend Caitlin Hensley, who you have heard about a lot on this blog, suggested that it would make a great blog post, and I agree, so here you go!

Character: Marina

Book: Lorn

Character Description: Marina is a Klygan, a bird that has taken on human characteristics. She was originally a basic type of hawk, but due to scientific experimentation she started becoming more and more human. Marina has progressed more than any other Klygan, so she looks very much like a human, and is the size of an average woman, but she has large and powerful wings and claw-like hands.

Marina's Shopping List (if she were somewhere that had a store, anyway!):

1. Wire
2. Latex
3. Human Clothing
4. Conveyor Belt
5. Metal
6. Sturdy Plastic
7. Suction Cups
8. Battery Acid
9. Iron Bars
10. Laser

So there you go! Got you wondering about Lorn yet? ;)

- Heidi Nicole Bird