Monday, April 29, 2013

Inside Ontario's Head

Ontario isn't your ordinary high school senior. She's recently been abandoned by her mother. Throughout the story there are many things that Ontario has to deal with, and I thought I'd make a post to help you get inside her head a bit. Here's some thoughts that run through her mind as the story progresses:

  • What am I going to do with my life?
  • Can I trust anyone anymore?
  • I'm holding Eddy back
  • I want to help Eddy so he isn't the only on supporting us
  • I will get out of this place some day, but it won't be the way my mom did
  • What is with Austin and his crazy dance moves?
  • Why can't Kelly-Ann appreciate what she has?
  • At least I have one great friend -Warren. He's always there for me.
  • There's nothing a raspberry malt can't fix.
  • Maybe it's okay to let myself go sometimes.
  • What will my future be?
  • Am I capable of anything great? 

As you can see, Ontario has lots of things on her plate, and in Ontario you follow her journey to resolve these questions. The great part about it all? The story is also jam-packed with great fun and music thanks to the 1950s! I couldn't think of a better setting for a story that teaches you to find the good things in your life. 

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