Monday, April 29, 2013

The Extras

In my opinion the minor characters in a story are just as important as the major ones, so I wanted to introduce you to some of the characters you only see a couple of times in Ontario:

  • Mrs. Cherry - She is the mother of one of Eddy's friends, and Ontario's audience buddy for the boys' annual Halloween baseball game
  • Mr. Candor - Drugstore owner. Super friendly, and obsessed with serving his customers
  • Mrs. Wheeler - Eccentric art teacher who inspires Ontario. Inventor of "emotipainting musica" an exercise that helps her students paint what a song says to them, not what the words say.
  • Vince Cherry - good friend of Eddy's, loves baseball
  • Teddy - a worker at the diner where Ontario works
  • Mrs. Stratton - Ontario's mother, who is obsessed with Canada and abandons her children for it
  • Mr. Stratton - Important to the story in thought, Ontario's father who died when she was young
  • Brad - fourteen year old in Austin's dance class 

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  1. Mrs. Wheeler, I am always a fan of the eccentric characters in books, and I love art, so I am sure I would get along great with her as a character. That is my favorite part about any book. Finding a character I can relate to.