Monday, April 8, 2013

Time Management

We have all seen those memes about authors, you know the ones that show what we think we do and what we really do. When it comes to being an author there are many different and exciting options for us each and every day. To blog or not to blog. To start a new story based on that cool idea you had last night, or to finish your current, or one of your current works in process. To work on your cover design or the blurb for your up and coming book.

Each and every one of these options is a good one and so it is easy to want to do all of them. I am here to tell you it isn't possible to do all of these things in one day. Not if you are expecting quality in your work anyway.

This month I set out to do not one, but two crazy things: publish my second book and participate and ideally win Camp NaNoWriMo. I started off with much gusto and excitement and things were awesome. Then reality set in. Writing 1667 words a day is usually nothing for me, but doing it while publishing? Unfortunately I am realizing how impossible that is. For me anyway. So as much as I.don't want to do it I think I am sending myself home from camp this time around. You can tell my.bunk mates that I had a severe case of the need to publish.

Am I disappointed? Yeah, a little, but not really. Why? Because I have been writing for a long time and now I really want to work on publishing. I have four.completely finished.books that I.would love for you all to read, but they will never get where you can read them if I leave them how they are.

So my advice for you all today is to manage your time well and prioritize. Sit down for a minute and decide what is important to you as an author, and than decide.what is most important for here and now. Cramming causes all.sorts.of just look at what you want to accomplish and then prioritize!

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  1. I have editing to do - prioritizing is right! And I need to get the flow going for some new writing ideas. Any suggestions?