Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back in Action

Hey, everybody! Let me apologize for being MIA for the past two weeks or so. The holidays sure had me booked and focused on things other than my blog here! Things are changing though. I am, this very day, working on a schedule for my blog, so you will have lots of great content coming your way, including author interviews, book reviews, excerpts, and updates on what I am writing. In the meantime, here's a treat for you! Remember Caitlin Hensley? She's that totally awesome author that I interviewed a while back. She has just debuted her first piece of work, and I want you all to be the first to grab it! Run over to amazon via these links and get a copy of your own! When you do, tell me what you think! I'd love to hear.

"Seventeen-year-old Nick is a werewolf, and so is his older brother Craig. They're two of the last werewolves alive in North America, and have been on the run for four years, struggling to stay one step ahead of the deadly Hunters. But when disaster strikes, and the brothers find themselves in a dangerous situation, they must work together if they want to get out alive. There's only one problem . . . Craig hasn't told Nick everything."

Together Alone Ebook
Together Alone Paperback 

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