Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grandparents Today by Teena Adams

Looking for a great, interesting, and helpful read? Check out Grandparents Today, by Teena Adams.  


Hi my name Is Teena Adams. I was born and raised in Texas. Texas is a awesome state and I am very proud to be a Texan. I am married to my best friend. He is very supportive and understanding. I have five grown children. They were a joy to raise and I have loved every minute of it. I have eleven grandchildren and counting. There are ten rowdy boys and one precious grand-daughter. I am so thankful for getting to be a grandma. My grandchildren are the love of my life. I am a Christian above everything. The Lord lights my path. I have been a Christian for twenty two years. I am the author of Grandparents Today and I am working on my upcoming book Bridge of Worlds. My prayer is that my books help others in their life journey.


"More grandparents are finding themselves raising their grandchildren. The statistics say that 6.2 million grandparents are raising their grandchildren in our day and time. This is staggering statistics.What has happened to the original family unit? Grandparents Today will discuss these issues. This book will also serve as a valuable resource guide to get the grandparents the resources they need. The children have been placed in the home for many reasons. They have been abused and abandoned. They have parents that are in the military or are on drugs. Then there are the parents that do not want their children. It is my quest to help these grandparents find the resources available to them as I am one of the grandparents raising my grandchildren, so I understand what you are experiencing. This book is resource guide, and book to help you in raising these children. May God Bless you! Teena Adams"

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Currently this book is only available on Kindle, but watch for it on Nook and in other places beginning in February! 

As always, I like to add some more information that I think is helpful for up and coming writers. Grandparents Today was published November 18, 2012 and is listed under the genre group "family and adoptions." Teena Adams published her book through Amazon, and she highly recommends this self-publishing process, stating that it is "fast, effective and affordable." When it comes to the cover for her book, Teena provides some very useful information: 

"I had looked around for a cover and couldn’t find one I liked or could afford. So I thought I could do this myself. I found a reasonable priced place that gave you the tools to make it yourself. Well needless to say I am no graphic designer! Back to the drawing board I went. That is when I found a place called This is a place where others do a job for you and only charge $5.00. I figured at this point, what do I have to lose? Well I can tell you for $5.00, you can get a professional cover done at fiverr."

Thanks for the information Teena, and good luck with your book and your future endeavors!

- Heidi Nicole Bird

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