Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Review: The Finches' Fabulous Furnace

Hi everybody, and welcome to my first book review! Today I'd like to let you in on one of my very favorite books from my childhood: The Finches' Fabulous Furnace, by Roger W. Drury. This book may be an oldie, published in 1971, but it sure is a goodie!

The Finches' Fabulous Furnace tells the story of the Finch family, who has recently moved to a small town called Ashfield. They've arrived in this particular town to clear up Mrs. Finch's breathing problems, and for Mr. Finch's new job. When they arrive they find out that there has been a mix up and there is nowhere for them to live. In their dire circumstances, Mr. Finch agrees to take a house that nobody has lived in for several years, and the Finches soon find out why. This isn't just some ordinary house. This house has something very unique about it. This house has a volcano in the basement.

Hilarity ensues and Mr. Finch and his son try to keep their fabulous furnace a secret from their nosy and prying neighbors. All sorts of things occur as people come by to find out what is going on, and as the family tries to keep their home from bursting into flame, as Mrs. Finch and her daughter are sure it will.

As a child I was home schooled  and one of the greatest things I gained from that was how much my mother read to us and encouraged us to read. The Finches' Fabulous Furnace is one of those great stories that my mother read to me, and I have loved it ever since. I picked it up again a few months ago, and this twenty-two-year-old was transported back to being a little girl. Not only is this a great story to read on your own, but an ever better one to read to someone else. Children will especially love the fun and quirky illustrations.

Creatively written and fun to read, The Finches' Fabulous Furnace  will keep you turning page after page as you have to know what happens next! This story is a quick read, only 128 pages, and is great fun for anyone who loves small towns, simple stories, or great imagination. I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially fans of juvenile fiction, a definite five star story!

Have you read this story, or do you plan to? I've love to hear about it!

- Heidi Nicole Bird


  1. I have loved this book since I was in elementary school. That's why I grabbed it when I saw it for sale, and of course read it out to all of my children. I would love to read it again!

  2. I read this book as a child, and it is one of a few books from my childhood that I would read over and over. I wonder if I still have it among the thousands of books I have collected over the years?